Discretion and Safety while Wearing Your Firearm

As more states pass conceal and carry laws, more gun owners are wanting to find ways that they can carry their firearms without drawing notice. Wearing a holster openly advertises that you are carrying a gun. Likewise, it is against the law in many states to conceal a gun in your purse.


When you want to legally conceal and carry while taking every precaution available to you, you may shop online for gear like a holster that you can wear under a vest or a concealment shirt that will keep your gun hidden from view. You can shop for these items and order them discreetly and securely online today.

Blending in But Being Ready

A big part of being able to defend yourself successfully against an armed opponent centers on not advertising the fact that you have a weapon on you. You need the element of surprise on your side so that you can get the proverbial jump on the gunman.

However, when you wear your gun in a hip holster that can be seen by everyone, you ruin the surprise and put a target on your back. Instead of openly advertising the fact that you are armed, you can carry in any location that permits it by wearing a shirt designed for conceal and carry gun owners.

These shirts are available for both right and left-handed gun owners. They look like ordinary tee shirts but actually contain pockets for your weapon. The pockets are snug enough to holster your gun safely but loose enough to let you draw quickly if need be. You can always be ready to defend yourself when you conceal your firearm by wearing one of these shirts.

The shirts were designed by a former law enforcement officer who knows what it takes to draw quickly against an armed opponent. You can avoid drawing attention to yourself but be ready to act if or when needed in such a situation.

Discreet Ordering

Ordering one of these shirts can be done quickly and discreetly online. The form on the website lets you indicate what size you need and whether you need a shirt for a right or left-handed owner.

You can pay the invoice online as well. The shirt will then be delivered directly to your home.

Conceal and carry requires that you use gear designed for this purpose. You can blend in but be ready to draw quickly by wearing apparel designed for carrying a firearm.

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