Does Your Business Need a Lawyer? How to Know When to Hire

When people think about having a business, they build a picture in their mind of offering a product or service for money. They hope to earn a substantial amount of money to eventually retire with something to show for their efforts and business savvy. However, what a lot of entrepreneurs do not consider is how important it is to work with an attorney when addressing a number of different business-related issues. The legal side of doing business is often the furthest thing from their thought process. Yet, it is a critical matter that should be understood sooner than later.

Business Lawyer - Does Your Business Need a Lawyer? How to Know When to Hire

Starting a Business and Filing with the State

When it comes to starting a business, some thought must go into how to properly structure that business for an entrepreneur’s needs. Whether to establish as a Sole Proprietor, partnership, form an LLC, LLP, S-Corp, C corps or similar business structure depends on a lot of different factors. Hiring a lawyer who can help an entrepreneur navigate the murky waters and legal procedures that goes in to forming and filing such business structures with the state is a smart decision. Too often business owners try to do this themselves and fill out something incorrectly which can negatively impact their business down the road.

When Sued by a Customer

As a business owner, it is important to expect to be sued at some point. Too often entrepreneurs imagine that such legal actions will never be directed their way. This can be a costly mistake. With an experienced attorney like Ashley West in a business owner’s corner, they will find it easier to address the legal complexities involved in matters of litigation.

When Suing Others

On another note, sometimes a business finds it necessary to file a lawsuit against another party. Hiring an attorney to help handle the process and paperwork makes all the difference—especially if the goal is to win the case. In addition, the right attorney will be able to advise the business they represent as to the best legal strategy for achieving such an endeavor.

A Legal Consultant

One area where an attorney can really help a business out is as a legal consultant. A business owner may want to do things that could potentially come with legal ramifications. An attorney can act as a consultant so as to inform a business as to how to do what they want to do without getting itself in a number of legal battles along the way.

With an attorney like Ashley West on retainer, an entrepreneur can move forward with their dream of operating a business. Their attorney will always be available any time the business owner needs legal advice. This could mean anything from reading over a business contract to defending the business owner and their company from nasty litigation. Those businesses who do not keep a qualified attorney on retainer are operating at a high-risk to themselves.

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