Elementary SEO requisites when optimizing your website

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is significant. SEO will assist you in gaining position on search engines so that your site can be easily accessed by the users. There are many questions which you might think about when talking about SEO. Some of these questions are as follows:

  1. What exactly the search engines are looking for?
  2. How can you create such a website which is liked by both visitors and search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing?
  3. How can SEO help your presence on the web more profitable?

Here, in this article, you will get the answers to all these questions. These answers will really help you in attaining success in your business.

What is SEO???
The goal of SEO is not to cheat the search Engines instead its purpose is to:

  • Communicate your intentions to search engines, so that they encourage your website for appropriate searches.
  • Create a consistent and a great user experience
    1. Your website is like a tree: Think that your website is like a tree

Links diagram

Your links, social media acts as the leaves and fruits but the info architecture, content, infrastructure and the content management system acts as the water and sunlight for the tree. Without water tree will not bear fruits.

These both are trees, Right???

Apple Trees

But a fruitful tree (success in internet marketing) can be attained only when the base (info architecture, content, infrastructure and the content management system) of the tree is strong and it can be made strong by adding little water (SEO) to it on continuous bases.

    1. What search engines are looking for?

    Search engines want to do their jobs in such a way that they provide the relevant websites to the users and the users are just looking for the content which is most relevant to their search. How this relevancy is determined?

    • Content: The content is determined by the subject matter that is given, the information on the page and the titles and description.
    • Authority: Does your site have such a good content or the information to link or does your website is used as a reference by other authoritative sites for more information.
    • Performance: loading speed of your site and does it work perfectly?
    • User Experience: How is the appearance of your site? Does your website has high bounce rate? Is the navigation easy on your site?
      1. What Search Engines are not looking for?

      Search engine crawlers have a limited amount of data storage, so if you are performing some bad tactics to fool them, then you are creating the chances for yourself to get hurt in long run. Here are some of the items that search engines don’t want:

      • Keyword stuffing: Using keywords to the extreme extent.
      • Purchased links: Purchasing links will only give you negative results when it comes to SEO. Therefore, be careful.
      • Poor User Experience: Some website owners puts lots of ads on their website and makes it difficult for the users to navigate the site for the content or the information, they are searching for. This increases the bounce rate.
        1. Don’t forget to optimize for multi-channels: Keyword optimization is not only important for on-site, but it should be extended to off-site platforms also. For this you must think about multi channel optimization. The various platforms for off page optimization are:
        • Twitter
        • Facebook
        • LinkedIn
        • Email

        These platforms will not only popularize your brand, but will also tell the users those phrases which you are optimizing for.

          1. Focus on Meta tags: The content on your site must have title tags and Meta descriptions.
          • Meta keywords are ignored by search engines now a days, but if you are still using it, then ensure that it tells specifically about that page and it is formatted correctly.
          • Secondly, description in the Meta tag must be unique and tells about that particular page. If the description is duplicate then it will not bring you any positive results

          Summary: Every business owner who is adopting Internet Marketing as their marketing strategy must keep SEO in forefront of their mind and must follow good and white hat techniques. If you skip the basic SEO, then the foundation of your site will be a mess and will not maximize revenue opportunities.

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