Euro Soccer on Satellite: Closer to the Action Than Ever

Soccer is the most watched and played sport on Earth. Most countries have a soccer league and many have professional level teams. Since the United States does not have a long history with soccer, it can be hard for Americans to begin watching the sport for a number of reasons.

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Why Don’t Americans Watch More Soccer?

The presence of so many different leagues is one barrier. The lack of coverage by American sports journalists and sports channels is another reason why many Americans do not watch soccer, even though it is possible to receive Euro Soccer on satellite tv. We will examine which Euro leagues are considered the best and some sources that Americans can turn to in order to watch Euro soccer games and follow the sport through the press.

The FA Premier League

Also known as the English Premier League, the FA Premier League is probably the best intro for Americans who wish to watch Euro Soccer. This league has existed since 1992 and is the successor to the Football League First Division, which had been England’s number one soccer league since 1888. The Premier League is considered one of the best leagues around and draws a great deal of talent from all over the world. Teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal play in the Premier League. These teams should be familiar to American sports fans so following them isn’t too hard of a jump. All games are broadcast in English and the time change is not very bad, at least for folks on the East Coast. The FA premier league is the best way for American sports fans to start watching a well followed, competitive European soccer league.

Euro Soccer on Satellite

Spanish La Liga

The next easiest European soccer league for Americans to follow is Spain’s La Liga. This league is the top level of Spanish soccer competition and competes with the Premier League for the title of most talented national league. Teams like Football Club Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia FC are known worldwide and hold great esteem with soccer fanatics. Arguably the world’s best player, Lionel Messi, plays for FC Barcelona. This Spanish league holds many famous names and famous teams and Americans who wish to look knowledgeble regarding European soccer leagues need to follow Spain’s La Liga.

Italy’s Serie A

Another outstanding European league is the Italian Serie A. This league holds numerous incredibly talented teams like AC Milan and Juventus, both of whom are among the most talented and winningest teams in the history of soccer. Teams from the Serie A often play exhibition games in the United States. Catching one of these games is a great way for American fans to learn about the Serie A and find a team that they may enjoy rooting for.

The FA Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A are all very important when it comes to European soccer. These are the three dominant leagues in Europe, and in order to become a Euro soccer expert you must know these leagues by heart.


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