Everything You Need To Know About Big Data

Big Data Training programs and classrooms are gaining immense popularity nowadays. The term ‘Big Data’ is doing roundabouts in the IT circle for years now and people are trying to get in too.

Big Data - Everything You Need To Know About Big Data

What is Big Data?
Big Data refers to any unprocessed data which isn’t just massive in quantity but is hard to formulate with good understanding. Developing algorithms which help to organize and aids for better analysis of big data is the main aim of big data companies.

These big data solutions help in better usage of the data in simpler forms. Not just the IT industry, but bid data sorting helps in diversifying the results in many other types of businesses.

What is needed for Big Data?
There are different concepts of big data, most of which are widely available over the internet. The ideal concept is using big data for the favor and profit of the company. However, a lot of statistical and mathematical skills are required for big data, very much similar to data sciences.

When learning about big data techniques or tools, one should be prepped with basics of computer programming, basics of data analysis, application usage, algorithm creation, statistics, mathematics and much more.

Drawing Algorithms
One crucial aspect coming under different concepts of big data is developing an algorithm. One may be wondering how big the information is? Well, the figures go up to millions of terabytes! To sort out such a massive amount of data, algorithms need to be developed.

The main aim of developing algorithms is to go through this processed or unprocessed big data and draw a conclusion in the required field in the quickest way possible. Better algorithms scan through the maximum amount of data possible at any given point of time.

Different Facets of Big Data
Following 8 V’s will help you understand the various aspects of big data solutions:

• Volume- Finding the right amount of information you were looking for.
• Value- Finding the right data when needed.
• Veracity- How good are you dealing with information?
• Visualization-How much sensethe information makes? Does it help you to conclude to a decision?
• Variety- Is your information balanced?
• Velocity- Swift momentum is gained by information, which creates real-time opportunities.
• Viscosity- How good the information sticks to you and calls for action?
• Virality- Can the information be passed on to social networking sites or other platforms?

The 8 V’s were developed by M-Brain and help a great deal to understand what good Big Data Processing does to you.

Processes Involved
Big Data is a huge workload and involves high numbers of methods to deal with. Following are the six processes which pretty much sums up the whole procedure of big data:

Data Extraction
One needs to collect data before it can be processed and for that, an API call delivering to a particular company’s web service may be used.

Data Storage
This requires a little bit of programming knowledge, expertise in storage solutions and reasonable budget. Data storage is very much crucial for big data processing as it factors the speed in which data can be retrieved. Find a good provider for your storage needs.

Data Cleaning
Raw data can be very much difficult to manage. One needs to make sure all the data is configured in an acceptable format and is cleaned.

Data Mining
The massive amount of data is in your database, now what? It’s time to discover insights, make predictions and decisions based on the information you have.

Data Analysis
Find exciting trends in your data by analyzing it through a good algorithm. This phase requires data analyst who will bring out the most unusual insights of the ordinary data.

Data Visualization
The most important of all, data visualization. Data needs to be presented on to you in a clean format which understandable.

Big Data Companies
A good number of companies are working around the world helpings us making sense of all the data. They process huge sets of data in a complex form from multiple channels and provide great solutions to handle these huge datasets.

These big data companies performing all the data configuration use some of the latest tools and software, different than the traditional ones. They also offer potent data analysis tools which help tons of businesses in data solving.

Google, Crunchbase, Hortonworks, IBM, Salesforce, Civis Analytics,etc. are some of the best Big Data Companies in the world.

Getting into a profession which involves big data handling requires a good understanding of different concepts of big data. Big Data is helping to run almost all the big companies in the world, providing necessary insights and statistics to make their business work smoother than before.

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