Expect the Unexpected: 5 Business Problems to Avoid This Winter

Many small businesses run into cash flow problems when winter weather hits. There are simply less people willing to fight the cold and ice. On top of that, you have a number of other concerns that you don’t worry about in warmer temperatures. It’s important that you have plans in place to deal with winter problems. Here are just some of the issues your business could face this year.

Heater - Expect the Unexpected: 5 Business Problems to Avoid This Winter

Boilers and Heat

If your company relies on a boiler for heat, get it checked and serviced before the temperatures drop. Winter temps mean much higher demand on your boiler and a greater risk of it developing problems. Repairing or replacing a boiler when cash flows are low is going to be a big expense that you want to avoid if possible. It makes better fiscal sense to have your boiler checked and serviced by professionals on a regular basis.

Gaps and Leaks

Conserve heat and lower your bills by preventing drafts and leaks. Most commonly these occur around doors and windows. You want to ensure that you have doors in place that are insulated within and provide a tight seal that keeps in the heat. Most heat loss occurs through windows, however. Consider upgrading to energy-efficient, insulated window panes.

Contingency Plan

In the event of dangerous weather or heavy snowfall, have a system in place to alert employees when they should stay home, or you’ve made an adjustment to work hours. Have full contact information available, including phone numbers and emails. Send both texts and emails, and request that everyone spread the message. This way you won’t have employees traveling through blizzards for no reason.

Manage the Ice

Winter is definitely the slip and fall season. Even if you have insurance, you’re typically looking at a workman’s comp deductibles of $500 to $5,000. Have someone scan the property each day for slippery patches. Remember that ice can sometimes be hidden by fresh snow or seem invisible on asphalt. Keep a good supply of salt on hand and have a plowing service keep your property cleared.

Check the Plumbing

Another winter risk for many businesses is unprotected plumbing where sitting water can freeze and burst pipes. This is usually in external piping or plumbing that’s otherwise exposed to the elements. You could reroute the water through areas that are heated, but this could be expensive. The best option is to ensure that all plumbing in unheated areas is well-wrapped with insulation. You may want to contact a plumbing company like Jim Dhamer Plumbing Sewer, Inc. for advice on the best solution for your situation. Winter is going to present many challenges to your company. It could be crucial to draw up a list emergency services for dealing with any issues that occur.

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