Expected Changes in Twitter in Year 2014

Twitter needs to avoid the multiple characters of uncontrolled extensive publicity, which has forced Facebook to devastated initial public offering (IPO). Rumors are there that Twitter has now decided to gain low profile publicity and affairs; Twitter is already in loss on that struggle. Moreover, rumors are also saying that Twitter’s initial public offering (IPO) has been ruined by the media reporters and different banks are fighting for the extreme actions. Therefore, Twitter’s initial public offering (IPO) will be reported on June 2014.

  • Initial Public Offering

Top investors of Twitter are trying to keep it on 12 billion dollars, which probably is a huge amount for Twitter, as it managed to bring only 450 million dollars by the investors in late 2012. Facebook has also stated that this initial public offering (IPO) of Twitter is huge and the banks in all over the country are trying to become a significant partner of Twitter. The investors of Twitter are too much excited for the IPO of 2014, but Facebook investors are disappointed because the stock price has suddenly fallen lower than the expectations. Twitter doesn’t want this kind of situation ever; however, it wants more success in 2014.

To avoid the multiple characters of uncontrolled extensive publicity, big companies need to follow Google policies. In 1995, Google modified “Dutch auction IPO”, and the process was owned by the founder of Google. With this, Google easily beat the uncontrolled extensive publicity. Thus, initial public offering investors need to avoid the stock prices to gain more popularity and success.

  • IPO Market is Hot

Professional investors state that the next year’s IPO market is good for top companies. Professionals have also stated that first time the managers of big companies are usually waiting longer when going live in the public. This actually explains everything that is why Twitter is taking too much time. Therefore, a company needs attention to display the success results but professionals claim that when Twitter successfully focuses and displays all the features of its business plan, it will be ready to go in public. Therefore, Twitter expectations are based on its business model including recent changes in the management department and in the revenue growth department.

Finally, Twitter claims that the company is ready to put the money on the table, and it is trying to monetize every part of the company and is going to get at least millions of new users. The Twitter IPO is related to make extra money and can’t afford low profile launch in early 2014.

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