Five key words

Having a website is a great way to get your message out to the world, but are you sure you’re making the most of your potential earnings?

The key is to ask yourself – does this help me make more sales?

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It helps to keep five words in the front of your mind – and they are not difficult words to remember


Keep the user central to your thinking – who are your potential purchasers?

Is the offer your are making a good match for the people you are targeting? If they are not in the market for what you offer, it’s unlikely they will buy.


Your product or service must offer benefits to the site visitor.

Is what you are pitching to them going to make a difference to their lives, or will they feel like what you are offering is really for your own benefit?


Consider the viewing experience. Are you pushing your products right away, on the home page, or does the visitor have to dig down to find what you are selling?

Are you only offering a one-off purchase, or have you considered the potential of add-ons?

A perfect place for such offers is on the thank you page. Don’t just say “thanks for your purchase”, say “while you’re still here, is there anything else you would like?”


Think about what happens at a supermarket. You think you have done your shopping, you line up to pay at the checkout and what do you find right there as you’re waiting to pay? Yep, more products that you wouldn’t necessarily have bought if you hadn’t seen them right there, right then.

So it pays to introduce related products into your visitors’ thinking during their shopping experience.


Are you putting across your message in the best way?

Use poor copywriting and people will click away from your offer like water jumping off a hot skillet. Great copywriting can inspire people to go find their wallets.

Test your offer on a group of clients. See if it sells, and if not, analyze why not. Edit your content until it consistently helps your clients and brings your business more money.

If you have taken all the above on board then always remember to make sure you check all WordPress webhosting and hosting reviews as even with the best looking website that is optimised well, if your hosting fails or loads slow then you will loose business this way.

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