Five Tips for Increasing Readership to Your Blog

If you’re like most bloggers, you have high aspirations of owning a popular blog like Life Hacker, TechCrunch, Mashable, TMZ, etc. Perhaps you dream of your blog going viral and making billions of dollars off advertising. Perhaps you imagine companies giving you products to review for free and people acknowledging how smart you are for writing such amazing content. Regardless of your motives for being a blogger, one thing is certain; you can’t achieve your goals without having loyal readers. After all, there’s nothing lonelier than having a blog no one visits but your mother or spouse and they only visit out of guilt or because you bribed them. So, what’s a blogger to do? Increase readership! In this post, we’ll provide you with 5 time-tested secrets for increasing your blog’s readership. Are you excited? Well, let’s get started.

five tips for increasing the readership of your blog

Create Killer Content Baby!
Yes, good content is still king! The key to having loyal readers is to create incredible content that people want to read. Not recycled junk people have read before. Instead, you have to create real, hard-hitting and engaging content that makes people think, share with others, and keep coming back for more. By incorporating outstanding content on your blog, you basically set yourself apart from your competitors and demonstrate you’re the next best thing since that Rowse guy.

Another key point to great content is including visuals. Things like inforgraphics and YouTube videos are entertaining, interesting and will keep your readers coming back for more. The key to great visuals is to make sure the information is presented in a way your readers haven’t seen before. For example, a great infographic, like one from Infographic World, can illustrate your point while keeping your readers entertained.

Choose an Untapped Niche for Your Blog
As you might imagine, there are literally millions of wannabe bloggers and most of them are competing in markets that are too saturated. So, unless you’ve got a creative spin to the everyday mommy blogger niche or tech gadget niche, pick a different topic that no one is blogging about. Then master that topic. No, own it! Become the leading blogger in that untapped niche and your readers will literally seek you out.

Be Bold When You Post!
Nothing increases Tweets and Facebook likes faster than a controversial blog post. By writing bold and controversial posts, your readers will be intrigued and they’ll respond by sharing your information. And, the best way to do this is to be bold and willing to write about something new. When you do this, your blog is likely to go viral. Hint: Write about all those controversial topics, that no one is supposed to talk about. You know, topics like capitalism, abortion, politics, the death penalty, drug legalization, etc. Not only will your boldness catch your readers’ attention but it will also spark interest, comments and loyalty.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage
Bloggers who use social media marketing to promote their blogs via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ experience an increase of traffic to their blogs by 50percent or more. Simply put, people love the ease and convenience of sharing via social media. And, they typically only share information from those they trust. By creating quality information, you give your readers something to share. In fact, bloggers that incorporate social media into their blogging strategy, are more likely to see an increase in traffic than those that don’t. In addition, encourage readers to Tweet and like your posts. Add social media buttons to your pages, all your posts, and encourage them to do so in the copy. Hold crazy contests for the person that Tweets or Likes your posts first, give away prizes only to your Facebook friends, etc. Do everything in your power to encourage readers to pass on your information and come back for more.

5. Don’t Be a Lazy Blogger Bum! . Lastly, but most importantly don’t be lazy. Don’t post one blog post every year and then expect people to come back for more. Get serious about blogging. Become committed and make writing quality posts a priority. Some well-known bloggers post two or three times a day. However, once a day or every other day is fine too. Always stick to a workable and consistent schedule so that readers can look forward to receiving your posts on a regular basis. Also incorporate other marketing methods like press releases, forum marketing, pay-per-click advertising, article marketing, etc into your blogging strategy.

In conclusion, obtaining readers to your blog doesn’t require you work on your blog 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Instead, it requires you work smarter and incorporate uniqueness, creativity, continuity and freshness to your efforts. Once you do, your blogs’ readership will automatically grow and you’ll be one of the most talked about bloggers that others emulate.

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