Five Ways That Bloggers Can Aid Charities or Other Nonprofits

Blogging has taken on many shapes over the years, but one of the most popular uses for this platform today is supporting charities and nonprofits. Because blogs are open to a wide audience and can be tailored to specific purposes, this format is an ideal way to promote and support the cause of your choice. Here are five ways to go about this.

Charities or Other Nonprofits

Choose a Worthy Cause

Any charitable cause can be considered worthy, but whatever you’re supporting should have a special meaning to you. If you’re blogging for a cause you’re not passionate about, it will show through in your work.

However, that’s not to say you can’t be choosy, too. You want to make sure that the organization you’re promoting is reputable and serious about what they do. Try to restrict your support to better-known organizations like United Way, Melaleuca, Salvation Army and others that are known for their good work and dedication. This will also help your visitors feel more at ease about getting involved.

Donation Button

If you’re supporting a specific nonprofit or charity, you can play an even bigger role in your cause by adding a donation button to your blog. These services are typically run through reputable payment companies, and the process is quick and easy. These are very attractive features to people, which will make them more likely to donate.

Compelling Information

A blog is nothing without information, but it’s essential to put care into everything you write. Keep in mind that the blog isn’t about your personal life, so make sure posts are on topic. Most importantly, the posts you make should be worthwhile and compelling. This can be things like recent news on the cause, new research, funding announcements, advances in the field, applicable law changes, or anything else that relates intimately to the organization and cause you support. Visitors to your blog are looking for information that stirs them and makes them want to be involved, so it’s important to provide that.

Spread the Word

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective advertising methods available, and you can use it to your blog’s benefit. After all, part of the point of a charitable cause is awareness. The more people you have reading your blog, the more you can increase the odds that they’ll take action. To advertise your blog, make use of social media, email, newsletters and other convenient formats that allow exposure to a wide audience.

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