Frequently Asked Questions About Plugins

Many people have several questions regarding our plugins. In this piece, all these commonly asked and even the not so commonly asked questions will be answered in a manner that is concise, well detailed and clear by our professionals. So just sit back, relax and read on to have all these doubts cleared off your mind comprehensively.


What is MemberPress Plugin?

It is a powerful WordPress Membership plugin that allows you to set up your WordPress sites that make use of all the features and components of WordPress including   social communities, billing, forums and content management.

Which methods can my users pay through?

In recognition of the wide pool of users who may be accessing your site, the plugin has been built to support payment via a number of payment services to ensure that none of these users is locked out. These methods are:

  • PayPal
  • Net
  • Stripe

Does the plugin allow automation?

In today’s fast paced and technologically advanced world, you do not have to do all the content management activities in your Membership WordPress manually.

It is with this in mind that the plugin has been designed to enable you to automate your site. One of these activities is payment. Your site will be able to automatically bill all your users for all the content that they wish to access.

Another great automation feature is the email remainders. This feature will enable your site to send your users emails at intervals without you even logging into it.

I am stuck, what Do I Do?

With our products, you should never be worried of getting stuck either when setting up your site using the plugin or even administering the site once it is up.

This is because we provide all our clients with a comprehensive manual that encompasses all the features of the MemberPress plugin as well as how to overcome any problems.
Furthermore, we have a team of professionals who are always willing and ready to help you tackle any challenges that you may encounter while using the plugin.

What technical specifications do I Need?

For the plugin to provide you with maximum results and all its features to be functional; the computer you are to install it must attain some essential technical requirements. These include:

  • WordPress version 3.8 or better
  • At least PHP 5.2.4
  • MySQL 5.0 or better
  • A JavaScript enabled web browser

Can I Import Files Into My Site?

Accessing and importing your users details has never been as easy as it is with this plugin. It allows you to construct sites that can pick up this information from similar sites, database system as well as spreadsheets and bring them to your own site in bulk thus saving you the time and energy that would have been used during input.

What Are Add Ons?

As the name suggests, these are features that can be added onto the MemberPress plugin thus maing it more powerful. These include:

  • Math CAPTCHA
  • Importer

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