Games That Conquered The Social Networks

Sometimes the most popular games aren’t the most obvious, they are the ones that are the most entertaining during those moments of extreme boredom that many of us often suffer from. These are the types of games that conquer the internet by social networks promotions just like Royal Vegas online promotions for Australians, player by player, because they help provide a distraction from everyday life; similar to the Thunderstruck II slot.

Playing Game

If you are interested in learning more, check out the following list of free online computer games. However, before you begin, a word of caution; all of these games should be played at your own risk because they are very addictive:

  1. Trivia Machine

This game allows you to test your knowledge of trivia. You have the option to choose from a number of categories that include movies, history, and movies. In addition, there are three skill levels; genius, scholar, or elementary.

  1. Funky Truck

Spend hours bouncing over bumps and climbing hills as you race a gigantic monster truck to victory.

  1. Quad

This quick pace Tetris-like game puzzle will keep you on your toes.

  1. Puppy Curling

If you love curling, you will love it even more with puppies. Use the cute critters to get high points and defeat your opponents.

  1. Udder Insanity

In this game your objective is to milk all of the cows before they blow up. This game is just plain silly but it is the perfect time waster for the kids.

  1. Free Fall

Use your mouse to help your skydiver avatar navigate the clouds.

  1. Speed Racing

This racing game comes with excellent graphics and exciting gameplay. It is perfect for the NASCAR fan who is bored out of his or her mind.

  1. Hangaroo

This word puzzle game is a cross between the popular TV game show ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and hangman. You will be provided with a number of categories where you must guess the correct letters to figure out the puzzle. Failure results in the hanging of the poor kangaroo.

  1. Beetle Buggin

The premise of this game has you navigating a tiny VW bug over a messy desk. Sounds simple but it is a great choice for when you are in the office and bored out of your mind.

  1. Monkey Island

The objective of this game is to fit pieces of land together in order to save the stranded monkeys. This addictive puzzle game will keep you entertained for hours

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