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Get the Best Sales Job with These Tips

Many people possess a natural talent for sales, and although a great degree of successful selling involves selling yourself – jokes aside – you will however, find that having a natural flair for sales won’t land you your dream sales job, especially if you’re lacking adequate or relevant sales experience. There are however, some excellent tips that you can rely upon to significantly increase your chances of landing the sales job you’ve long dreamed about, and in addition to presenting yourself as a professional, which means on your CV and in person, you’ll no doubt find the following tips to be quite handy.


Turn up for the interview with plenty of time to spare – If you want your job interview to go as planned, be sure to turn up with plenty of time to spare. Tardiness never makes a good impression and where motivated positions like sales are concerned, you could find that the interview is over before it’s even begun. Don’t turn up too early however – your eagerness might not appear like eagerness at all but more so like desperation. A good rule of thumb where interviews are concerned is to arrive approximately 15 minutes early.

Look the part – It’s imperative that you look the part and just as you need to make a great and lasting first impression upon the potential customers you’re going to be selling to, so too do you need to make a great and lasting impression upon the interviewer, otherwise you’ll never get a chance to show the world how you really can sell ice to Eskimos.

Exhibit positive energy – As you’ve probably noticed, sales people aren’t lazy or lethargic in the slightest, they’re go-getters, people who jump out of bed and start looking for something to sell. This is the impression that you have to put across if you’re to land the sales job of your dreams – that you’re interested, positive and ready to make sales.

Show your sales knowledge – If you’ve never worked in sales before ensure that you’re well read up on the subject, and this is also the case for those who’ve worked as a salesperson in the past. If you’re to ace your interview you need to show the interviewer that you know what you’re talking about, though don’t come across as if you know everything – no one likes a know it all, interviewers included.

Don’t discard non-sales experience – If you’re lacking sales experience, don’t discard your non-sales employment experiences; look for ways to show that you’ve used this time wisely and that the experience you’ve gained in other fields is relevant to sales. You’ll find that your time in other positions has provided many valuable lessons that are applicable to sales; moreover interviewers will be impressed if you can show that you’ve taken your experiences in other fields and adapted them to sales. After all, generalists are touted to reign over specialists and your generalist experience might be just what they’re looking for.

Look for an entry level position that offers training – If you haven’t been able to land the sales job of your dreams, and you haven’t taken advantage of the excellent sales courses found at, then perhaps you need to look for an entry level position that offers on the job sales training. These positions mightn’t pay as well as you would have liked, though they do offer you a means to cut your teeth in sales and list a sales position on your CV, and that will make a huge difference the next time you apply for the sales position you have your heart set on.


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