Get Yourself Found Online

Growing one’s business is the top-most priority for most owners. As competition levels reach new heights, it is becoming all the more difficult for businesses to find new customers and expand. A research conducted by Yodle states that about 42% of small business owners are worried about finding new clients/customers.

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What’s more, 33% of owners felt that it was increasingly becoming difficult to retain existing customers. Given this scenario, internet marketing can prove to be quite helpful when it comes to getting your business noticed.

A large number of your prospects use web to search products & services. If implemented in the right way, internet marketing can open up floodgates of customers for your business. Here are some tips to consider when promoting your business online.

Website & Blog:

Put up a professional website for your business. Remember, that it should aptly resonate with your brand/service. Hire a professional designer to make it appealing. Its UI/UX should be impeccable. Furthermore, the content has to be unique and attention-grabbing. Your audience should feel compelled to read on.

Next, a blog is a must-have tool these days. Keep posting relevant, meaningful and shareable content. Search engines love unique content that is written to address the needs of users. Blog atleast twice a week. The content on your blog and website should not sound pushy! Guest blogging is another way to market your business without spending a penny.

Social Media :

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn have become new tools for marketing your business. Create a Facebook Business Page having wonderful content people love reading. If you have allocated a budget for marketing, consider Facebook Advertising.

Set up a professional profile of your company on LinkedIn. You can even utilize the premium services of this platform to reach your prospects.

Posting relevant tweets with hashtag can also help you connect with potential customers. It’s recommended to do a thorough research while setting up your social profiles. Find out which channels your audience uses and be active there!
Instagram and Pinterest are another platforms you can consider using. If you sell a product, you can post beautiful images here to attract customers.

Email Marketing:

Create a free account with services like MailChimp. Prepare compelling email messages that instantly draw eyeballs. For inspiration, take a look at the email campaigns run by Apple.

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO can be quite helpful. Try and get organic traffic to your site. This works by posting useful content with minimum keywords. Alternatively, you can invest in running a Pay Per Click and Google Adwords Campaign.

Online Directories:

Having your company listed in a Business Directory India. Your business can get huge opportunities by getting listed in the best online directories. HubSpot provides a comprehensive list of 50 business directories for local marketing.

Content Marketing:

Invest time and efforts in coming up with customer-focused e-books, white papers, and a short video. When you focus on solving your customers’ problems & needs they will be drawn towards you. And, content marketing, can help you do this effectively.
Bonus Tips

  • Participate in online forums and discussion groups
  • Use platforms like Quora to connect with future customers
  • Ask your existing customers for testimonials/feedback
  • Branding and marketing messages must be consistent
  • Offline promotion efforts must align with online marketing
  • Your efforts must continue and improve with time

Have a razor-sharp focus on your internet marketing. Stay updated with the latest SEO and content marketing trends. With patience and dedication, your small business is sure to achieve unprecedented success in the online world.

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