Guide To Buy Free Toll Free Numbers For a Business Firm

Customer service has become a core part of every organization nowadays. Almost each and every organization dealing in consumer products and services have started paying special attention to their customer service facilities. In order to establish a fully fledged customer service panel companies have started investing in toll free numbers. Toll free numbers not only enhance overall reputation of an organization, but also result in increased sales.


As a rising trend most of the new establishments and small companies prefer investing in international toll free numbers to provide free call services to their potential customers. It helps the customers to clarify their doubts and queries regarding the products and services being offered by the organization without being worried about their phone bills.  According to market experts, people usually prefer to choose a company with a toll free number as it provides a platform for easy communication. It basically represents the overall success and credibility of an organization in the market. Using 800 numbers makes a company easily accessible to its existing, as well as potential customers.

How can buy your own toll free number

In the past, buying a toll free number was considered to be an expensive deal and could only be afforded by high-end organizations. But, with recent developments in technology and increasing demand of toll free numbers, a lot of telecom companies have started providing this service at affordable rates. Whether you are a startup or an established company, buying a toll free number can prove to be a rewarding investment. It is cost-effective and helps you to serve your customers in an efficient manner. This is a great way to retain your existing customers and attract new ones in a short period of time. There are basically two ways to subscribe for free phone numbers.

  • The first way to subscribe for a toll free number is to contact some of the most reputed telecom companies offering this service. You can search for the names of such companies on the internet to gather detailed information about them. Shortlist the names of a couple of telecom service providers and call them personally to know additional details such as rates, installation procedures and features. However, such companies may or may not provide you the facility to choose any particular sets of numbers. They usually assign numbers randomly to their clients without giving them the option for modification.
  • The second method to subscribe an international toll free number is to register your name or your company’s name on the website of the company providing this service. Online free phone service providers are known as virtual phone service providers. Here you get the facility to choose a specific number for your company and additional features. The major benefit of using the services of virtual phone number providers is that you can ask for any kind of additional features in your cap. You can select a set of numbers that you think is easy to remember by your clients.

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