How A Masters In Psychology can Help You Run a Business

When it comes to running a business, you would definitely want to know how to make more sales. So, how can a Masters in Psychology help you make more sales and help you run a business? By learning everything you can in psychology, you can run a successful business and bring in more customers which mean more sales for you.

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Give your Customers less Options
This doesn’t mean that if you have 50 products for sale to only give them 3 options of products to choose from. This means if you give your customers too many options to choose from they might just choose none because they will fall into a paralysis because of too many options to choose from. The process you can use to give them fewer options without taking your products away is called chunking.

Chunking works by putting your things into categories. So instead of showing all of your stuff to your customers, you would put them in categories. This will provide them with an easy way to find what they need and will allow them to buy something from you instead of thinking that you have too much stuff and walking away.

People like Paying for Stuff
Although one guy might ask a question about why they would pay for something when they can get it somewhere else for free, not everything is like this. They aren’t actually paying for the item but for the convenience of the item. People like paying for the pride of knowing they own something. It is as simple as people paying for what they get. They know they will have to pay something to get something good.

Loss Looms Larger than Gains
The funny thing about people is that they will fight harder to prevent losing a dollar than they will to earn a dollar. People usually respond better if you tell them what they stand to lose than by telling them what they stand to gain. So what you would do to make more money with your business is not only tell people what they will gain from it but also what they will lose without it.

Earn Fans and Enemies
Although you do need people who like you but did you know it is also a good idea to have people not like you? Why? Because if you have enemies you know you are doing something right. This just makes you work harder to please the people that already do like you. If you have a newsletter and someone doesn’t like what you say, just tell them to unsubscribe from the newsletter. So, this will make you cater to those who already do like you, even more.

Mystery Helps Bring in More Sales
So if you don’t tell anyone what you are doing to bring in more sales, and they really want to know, they will start speculating about you and talking about you to other people. Give them a little mystery to have them bringing in more customers.

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