Photoshoot Instagram - How Instagram can be used to Create Brand Awareness

How Instagram can be used to Create Brand Awareness

Instagram is a popular social media platform where every member seems to be a professional photographer. Believe it or not, 50+ million photographs are shared through this social media platform regularly. Instagram design and appearance is based entirely on photography, which makes it more unique and attractive among the viewers. The popularity of this social media platform is growing at a rapid pace. Give it another 10 years, and you will wonder the heights Instagram is destined to achieve! Keeping in focus these issues, Instagram can definitely be a great platform to promote your brand. In fact, using this platform, you have definite chance of increasing web traffic generation towards your site organically.


Increase in brand awareness  

Instagram is one of those social media options where even the simplest of photos can get a perfect transformation. The site comes with several filters and effects that can be applied to a photo to create a more vintage appeal. The inclusion of hashtags make it easier for users to minimize the search timing.  Be they selfies or DSLR based HD pictures, every image finds its place on this social networking site.

On the other hand, it is very simple and easy to maintain an Instagram account for some specific brands. You need not have to take any professional help for maintaining a professional account on Instagram. The only thing required is uploading good quality images that would help in the brand awareness campaign frequently. Try to make the photographs natural to the core.

The more natural-look feel they have, better will be the response time. Never let your posted photographs look like advertisement that may act as a spoilsport in draining the visitors away from the site.

Consider the brand that you are trying to promote. Is it visually engaging or not? If not, then try to figure out the most creative way to get it incorporated in the image. Also, you must utilize the profile information part in the best possible way. Include your photograph or the logo that will represent your brand name. Well, you must include your website link in the profile. If some users like your featured posts in Instagram, they may try to contact you or visit your website.

Managing the frequency of your posts

Stay away from spamming, no matter what type of website you deal with. When resorting to instamacro for Instagram, always be careful with the frequency of your picture posting job. If you are too fast in posting images, people will lose interest in your posts. You need to maintain a pace but never force images into your account.

Forcing your brand on this social media site may not bring in acceptable results. Rather, try to maintain a schedule, which will help in regulating the picture uploading process. This approach promises to be less time consuming. Try to maintain the quality part properly. It will help in the branding process. Upload quality images to your Instagram profile on a regular basis, but in minimal amount.

If your product is visually enticing and you want to achieve highest impact through Instagram, always reply to your comments. You must stay in touch with your followers. Use intelligent phrases and terms to describe your product or brand. If you have picture-worthy services or products, Instagram is the best social media option to promote it.


Author Bio: Sujain thomas is the director of SEO and Marketing at Insta Work Media Pvt. Ltd. He has earlier been involved with He has been a regular columnist for several business magazines and blogs.  In this article, he has tried to figure out the ways, through which social media sites like Instagram can be used for promotional campaigning and branding purpose.

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