How Online Marketing is Shaping the Online Job Market for Marketing Degree Holders

We have already heard of how online marketing is bringing a revolution in the marketing industry? The age-old rules that are related to the marketing world have seen changes in the past few years. Nowadays, marketing is not just about the product or service but also the customers whom you cater to.

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This transformation in the industry has brought about a change in the way we connect with each other and has touched various other aspects of the professional world. Here this article is based on how online marketing has changed the way online job market used to be and what are the new characteristics associated with it.

The idea of looking up in newspaper ads and waiting in line for submitting the resume are way over the past. It feels like ancient history, which millennials have never seen and will not see in the foreseeable future. It is all due to the digital revolution. Now there are online platforms like LinkedIn and Naukri that have made it easier for candidates and recruiters to connect with each other. In other words, the job market has been changed in the same way online marketing is changing other industries.

The following examples will let us see how online marketing has touched the online job market for marketing graduates:

  • Online Branding – Before there was internet, the print media ruled and branding was specific to newspaper/magazine/TV ads, billboards, etc. Then came the internet and it changed everything including the perception of online branding. This has also opened a whole new area of opportunity for marketers. The medium maybe different, but idea remains the same. Thus, it is more of an addition of opportunities rather than skills.

Online branding has become important and does not include only the customer-company relationship. Nowadays, it is one of the biggest factors for attracting the best talents in the industry. One can see the way how online marketing has changed the way job market looks nowadays.

  • Online Creativity – Creativity is an important part of marketing. To send a message that does not sound too pushy and at the same time can advertise itself requires a lot of creativity. When it was with traditional marketing, the creativity was restricted to the use of specific medium in a unique way.

Online marketing has opened up the avenues of creativity and there is a wide range of ways to show creativity now. This has affected the job marketing for marketing graduates in a positive way.

  • Cold calling has gone cold – Cold calling had an important part to play in marketing before the internet became a hit. Apart from cold calling being a shot in the dark, it was very intrusive. People usually do not like to get marketing calls when they are busy with their work.

Inbound marketing has now become a hot thing, where the marketers try to draw the customers instead of going to them. This has become less intrusive and creates a healthy customer-company relationship. This has led to the once popular

  • Social Media Marketing – The way we connect with people, the way companies connect with customers or recruiters connect with potential candidates are all changing. This is all thanks to the social media phenomenon. Thus, it has become inevitable for companies not to be dependent on only one source for attracting the right talent. If they are proactive on social media, they can get the attention of some of the best talents in the market.

The same goes for candidates too. Candidates also need to be aware that their social media profiles are the first introduction to the recruiters. Many times your profile may become the deal breaker when it comes to an interview offer.

So apart from social media becoming a new medium for marketing, it has also become a medium for searching jobs or talents. As a marketing graduate, you can surely understand to take the advantage of this to make an attractive online professional profile.

Thanks to technology, the search for jobs or the right candidates have become easier. But this has also forced the way recruiting took place and you can see from the above points on how online marketing is shaping the job market.


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