How To Boost Memory Power And Concentration

Ask anybody in the world if they would like to have better memory, the answer will always be yes! It cuts across the divide. The desire for better memory is universal. I started having the need for better memory when I was taking my masters exams. The thing about my course is that I am required to do a lot of cramming which is not only memory intensive, but it milks the brain dry.


How do I know if I need to improve my memory?

Have you ever bashed yourself for failing to remember something? Someone name or number, your credit card number, social security, etc. or the one time your hungrily stared at your boss’ wife simply because you forgot she is married to your source of livelihood?

You will appreciate this post better if your memory has ever cost you promotion or an A in the examination. Don’t kill yourself yet. You can still salvage the situation even though you are aging. Age comes with wisdom but apparently wisdom and memory are not a package. As experts say, there is no good or bad memory; only unorganized thoughts. A poor memory is equivalent to poor recollection. If you are always forgetting stuff, lift the blame from your memory and instead direct it to yourself for not paying attention to some simple techniques.

The majority of us at one time or another has had an episode of memory loss. It is similar to the forgetfulness we experience every day or what we like to call scatterbrained. To kill this problem, of scatter brains, you need to realize that your inability to recall is caused by other things like poor diet and malnourished brain.

To keep your brain up and to run without glitches, you need to consider highly provasil. Provasil will especially come in handy if you are already past your 20s or if you are not getting enough from your memory. What on earth if provasil?

Provasil belongs to a group of drugs known as nootropics. Nootropics are drugs designed to improve cognitive performance in several different ways. I have already told you that age and good memory are not best of friends, and thus the brain loses some ability to process and retain thoughts. Provasil contains all-natural blend of ingredients that ensures that your brain is not only strong but also improving memory.

My experience with the product

I had the worst memory in school. It was so bad that during five aside football in our school uniforms I would forget my teammates. This was not much of a struggle since I would cope with the usual bullying from kids… I was a bully myself but a really good one.

My poor memory came to haunt me during my CISCO exams. Years after I stopped playing football in school uniform. On the eve of my exams, I rang my lecturer to ask for a copy of the notes since my laptop had crashed on my way home from college. The lecturer sent me the whole folder containing the notes and by good or bad luck, he sent me a copy of the exams too. Instead of studying the notes, I revised the exams. I went to bed convince that I had conquered, and sure I had.

The following day my spirits were high. I knew everything, or so I thought. When the papers were issued, I had forgotten everything. I would recall the answers. I panicked and for an hour my mind was totally blank. I failed!

I was later introduced to provasil by a neighbor. I took the supplement for three weeks before I gained the courage to apply for the exam again. This time round, I knew I wouldn’t get the copy of exam a night before, but who needed leakage when I had provasil. Thanks to this smart supplement, I passed my second try with an A.

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