How to Bump Up Your Star Rating on Your Hotel

The highest-rated hotels never earn the stars accidentally. Hotels must be very intentional about their customer service, amenities, and other offerings to garner the top reviews and ratings that the most noteworthy hotels enjoy. By giving guests an exceptional experience and quality services, hotels will be able to garner the highest ratings. Read on for four useful hints hotels can use to boost their ratings.

Hotel room - How to Bump Up Your Star Rating on Your Hotel

Get Higher-Quality Mattresses

There are many details and amenities that guests look for when staying in top-rated hotels, but one detail that is a game-changer is the mattress. According to 92% of people, comfortable mattresses are a must. If guests can’t get a good night’s rest, it will be difficult to enjoy the rest of their stay. Hotels should always invest in high-quality mattresses that give their guests the support and comfort they need to rest properly.

Include IPTV

Visitors often give the highest ratings to hotels that provide them with everything they need. This is why the top hotels opt for entertainment options that include the latest technology and streaming services. By including iptv in their entertainment offerings, hotels give their guests the option to watch TV on demand. As this streaming option works with the Internet connection instead of relying on the traditional broadcasting method of standard television, guests can watch their favorite shows when they want them.

Maintain High-Speed WiFi

High-speed Wi-Fi is something else that can make or break a hotel’s rating. While today’s hotels are expected to offer complimentary Wi-Fi, many hotels don’t make an effort to improve the speed of their connection. Slow connection causes delays for guests wanting to relax and stream from their phones, as well as for business guests looking to conduct videoconferences or research during their stay. To really earn the highest ratings, hotels should make the necessary adjustments to make sure every guest in every room enjoys lightning-fast Wi-Fi.

Improve Your Food Options

From the complimentary continental breakfast to the food served at the in-house restaurant, the food that hotels serve also has a huge impact on their rating. Any hotel that’s aiming for a 5-star rating should make every effort to hire the best chefs, offer a variety of food options, and include complimentary offerings that bring guests joy.

Hotels hoping to go from good to great must cater to their guests by meeting their every need before they even ask. With great wifi, iptv, better beds, and great food, any hotel can transform their reviews and give their customers the best possible experience.

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