How to choose the digital agency perfect for your business

There is so much information available about digital marketing that it can be tempting to tackle your online marketing strategy yourself.  But, if you have even looked into it, you will soon discover the vast arena that is digital marketing and realise the importance of employing professionals to do the job.

Social Media - How to choose the digital agency perfect for your business

For traditional marketing specialists their principles and experience can certainly come in handy but the global net that our digital world casts means that there is a lot more to thriving as a business than there used to be.  A digital agency can provide assurance and security as they key to a successful online marketing strategy is one that doesn’t become obsolete as the digital world changes.

So, when looking for a digital agency that can take care of your marketing needs, what does one look for?  Under the umbrella of digital marketing comes an array of principles – web design, usability, SEO, social media management, adaptability, and competitive analysis, just to name a few.  One great way to shortlist some agencies is to compare them against one another. And what better way to do this than to produce quantitive results.

One suggested way is to define a criteria and scoring system that you will use to mark each agency and ultimately, use the figures to decide which agency is the best for your business.  In terms of the criteria itself, it is important to get this right otherwise, you will be unlikely to meet all your marketing needs.

Given that website design is largely down to creativity, it is important to start off by only selecting creative design agencies.    Read up on their strategies for generating business, approach to design and general look and feel and award a score based on your opinion on their creative flair.

It makes sense to validate their claimed skills and experience; you need to find proof that the agency has delivered what it claims to be able to.  Therefore another criteria point is their references and portfolio.

Your digital marketing agency needs to be treated like a business partner and as with all successful partnerships, chemistry is extremely important.  Therefore if you are based in Hong Kong, you need to pick a digital marketing agency Hong Kong style, so that you can arrange a face to face meeting.  Score the company based on how you feel about their customer handling but also, how they approach their business to assess whether this matches your ethos.

It is worth noting that, whilst it would be unwise to spend beyond your means, you shouldn’t base your decision on cost.  This is because, quite frankly if you pay peanuts, you get monkey’s.  In short, the cost shouldn’t break the bank but, it is worthwhile investing in a good marketing agency and a good one, will be able to justify their costs.

Boss Digital is a full service digital agency whose team comprises of accredited experts in web design and development, SEO, PPC, digital strategy and more.  Their end to end delivery means that you are only working with one company through your web design and marketing journey which in turn, means that they fully understand your business rather than putting in you in a position of employing different people for different jobs.


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