How To Choose Your Business Email Address

Since you are running a business, you will need an email account. Having an email account will open up the ways for communication a lot easier. Sure, you can use the phone and instant messaging but email is also a popular way to communicate with your customers as well as anyone else you come in contact with while running your business.


Choosing your Type of Email
Consider what you are willing to pay and if you are willing to pay at all. If you are willing to pay for a business email account, you can find good and affordable ones online by doing a search. You will also be given an email account and maybe even multiple email accounts when you purchase a domain for your website. If you don’t want to pay for an email account there are many different email services for free as well including Gmail. Gmail is a great email account that is great for a business email as well.

Think About your Image
Although free email accounts are great for business use, some of them cannot be personalized the way you want them to. You want an email account and address that shows you as a business person. This is when a hosting email account comes in. When purchasing your hosting and domain, you will be given email accounts to use for your website and business. Thinking about how you want to present yourself will help you determine the type of email account you want and the name for your email address.

Business Name
When setting up your email address and account, you should use your business name. Using your business name will show how serious you are and show you as a professional business person. You can create a free Gmail account or use your hosting and domain email account and still be able to use your business name. When setting up a Gmail account, you can use any name you want for your business email address. Not to mention all of the free stuff you get with the Gmail account. However, the domain and hosting email you get will allow for this too. The only difference between the two is that you get Gmail for free and will have to pay for the hosting and domain email account and address you get.

In conclusion you will first decide on what type of email account you want to use and determine if you are willing to pay for one or if you want one for free. You will also want to think about your image when choosing your email address. This means using either Gmail or a domain and hosting email account is probably best because it will show you are a professional business person. Also, make sure to use your business name if you can. If your business name is already taken for an email address, use something similar and close to it. All of these are great tips when you want to set up a business email and you need help choosing your new business email address.

Victoria Heckstall is a freelance writer who covers a variety of topics such as email account help.

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