How to do Guest Blogging or Guest Posts?

Guest blogging or guest posting is a normal practice of contributing a post to another person’s blog or website to build contacts, relationships and gain exposure and ultimately it enhances the authority of your own site by means of backlinks.

Guest blogging - How to do Guest Blogging or Guest Posts?

What you get out of a Quality Guest Blogging?

  • A trusted and long term relationship with host website
  • Back Link for your own website
  • Interaction with new audience
  • Author bio become popular
  • Traffic increases gradually

Experts follow many strategies in doing and accepting for guest posts, but, out of all, there are only four major things that a beginner should keep in mind while requesting for a guest post.

  1. Familiarity about the site to which you are going to do guest post. Ask yourself that whether you have the required skills or team to write a quality content to a host website site that should satisfy their audience.
  2. Mention the reason for doing guest posts in the host site while requesting. It may be for a backlink or to get yourselves known to their audience about your writing.
  3. Always provide the sample links while requesting for guest posts.
  4. Don’t rewrite or spun any article. The content you are going to post should be unique and informative with a sound quality.

Many blogs are outsourcing the writings from the applicants they receive in order to keep their site updated and informative. According to the reviews by host bloggers and websites, majority of the guest posts don’t match with their content and lack quality in grammar and sentence making of English language.

A normal English writing is sufficient to attract many people and as it would favour the author of the article and the host site, but the content should be deep enough to touch and influence the minds of readers.

Bloggers want the guest post seekers to be natural in their approach and should mention the topic idea to the point to satisfy them. Bloggers felt that the majority of guest post writers did not understand the exact need of their community audience.

For freelance writers, it is highly recommended to post the first guest post to a new website by doing their best to get yourselves identified among the writers they are dealing with. This would develop a long run relationship among users.

For this, you need to make a complete research on the provided topic and analyse the readers’ comments on relevant websites. Develop a lengthy content with many word counts and attracting usage of words, but, before that you should be able to grasp the taste of the audience of the host website.

In order to develop a good guest post for a host site, you have to selective enough in choosing the site and the topic they provide. The content should be easily understandable with simple but heart-touching English words.

Provide the keyword rich title for your guest post so that it could be viewed by many visitors on a search engine. Make use of the opportunity effectively as you may not get it again.

What do the Readers Value the most?

  • Readers value the insightful content presented with an ordered sequence on what they like.
  • The content should be able to create impact on their thought process and life standards.
  • Provide additional media attachments like pictures, videos for easy understanding of a content replacing too many words.

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