How to earn by selling cell phone

As we all know that the most important thing these days for students is cell phone and laptops or tablets. It is necessary to keep it up to date as there is new technology which is fast and furious. It is a necessity as it connects them with the college or academics.

Old cell phone

It is also necessary to keep in touch with friends who are not in your circle. First question is why do the college students needs to cell their phone the answer is simple to manage the expenses without taking loans and burdening their future. As being a college student I can bet that most of the students use it to be advance, there is special competition that makes them want to have the latest tech.

It is everyone’s dream to keep the latest model that is being released every year. This will allow getting money for the old phone and getting the new phone on leash or on installments. The best phone being used by college students is iPhone, as there is always a new model each year and it is trendy to stay up to dated. As iPhones are all in one, they have calls, internet, texting, games and many other apps so they have increase resale demand in market.

Another way to earn money as a student is to sell the mother board in case that the phone is broken or disrupted. There is increase number of hazards and the phones are not new and sometimes they are not even working.

It is better to sell your phone mother board and replace it with a new one as they can change the entire working of phone the same old body of phone can get all the functions of new phone just via changing the board.

It is best to sell broken phones as soon as you can because with time there is an increase numbering of this functioning which will lead to problems. Even if the phone is not broken there is always need to sell the phone and buy a new one. Probably because many of the brands are releasing new phones and claims to offer better service than the other. Even the launching dates and months are in sequence. The marketing of the phone plays an important part in all this.

This is the best way in a low budget to stay up to date and upgrade your phone. This process also lessens the waste and biohazards that are being made by discarding an old phone. . With time it is hard as they are expensive and they are also out of students reach so the best thing you could do is to sell your phone at There is an increase in the junk of world wince the invention of computers and we are adding it up day by day. Usually most of the students end up piling a dozen phones if they don’t sell it and this increases the health risks as well.

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