How to Find the Perfect Commercial Space in Chicago

Chicago is home to hundreds or even thousands of commercial properties that are perfect for companies of all sizes. Whether you need a small office space for your new start up or a larger retail space for your growing business, Chicago has the perfect commercial space for you and your company. Though you might think it’s a simple matter of looking at a few properties, meeting with the landlord and signing a lease, it actually takes a little more work than that. Learn how you can find the perfect commercial space for your Chicago business.


Decide What You Need

Deciding exactly what you need is the first step you should take, but business owners often focus more on what they think they need rather than what they actually need. Even if you think that you might one day have thousands of employees, you need to look at what you have right now. Think about the right location or neighborhood in the city for your business, the total amount of space you need and how much you can afford to spend on rent. A Chicago tenant advisor can find properties that meet all your needs and show you those properties before you make your decision.

Analyze All Properties You Visit

Once a professional advisor finds you a few properties, you need to tour those properties with an objective eye. It’s easy to see a space and think it’s perfect on first glance but later find a few problems with that space. Give some thought to how much your utility bills will be in that space, if you need to pay extra to install Internet and if the property needs any additional construction or improvements. Replacing the flooring, painting the walls and putting up dividers can all significantly add to the cost of the space.

Review the Lease Carefully

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that you review your lease carefully. Pay attention to any fees that the landlord can charge for changes you made to the building, breaking your lease early or paying your rent late. You will also want to ensure that the landlord is responsible for maintenance and upkeep to the property. You shouldn’t be responsible for paying to fix a leaky roof or other more serious repairs. Deciding what you need, analyzing the properties you visit and reviewing your lease can help you find the best space for your business in Chicago.

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