How to find the right lawyer for your needs

If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself up against some kind of legal challenge or issue, it’s important to understand both your legal rights and the options available to you. In many instances, you’ll need to turn to legal counsel for guidance. Finding the right lawyer for your needs can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve never been faced with any sort of legal threat before. When you commence your search there are a few key things to bear in mind, which we’ll outline below.

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The first thing to consider when looking for a lawyer is your specific need. Like with many other professions (such as medicine, engineering etc.) lawyers specialize in specific areas of the law. It makes sense to select a lawyer who specializes in the same aspect of the law as your individual case. It would not necessarily be common sense to hire the most expensive criminal defense lawyer in town to handle your backlog of parking fines or to engage the services of a family lawyer for a civil dispute. Do your research and look for a lawyer who represents considerable authority in the area that you need help in. The law is vast and complex and while each and every lawyer possesses knowledge of the law in general, it is simply not possible to be an expert in everything. This may sound obvious but not all lawyers are the same!

Once you have narrowed the field, it is time to start looking for recommendations. Many people wouldn’t dream of visiting a doctor, a dentist or even a hairdresser without a recommendation or referral and finding the right lawyer is no exception. A referral from a trusted acquaintance or advisor is the way that many people find suitable legal counsel and representation. Even if you don’t know of a decent lawyer yourself, there is a very good chance that somebody you know does – all you need to do is ask and make sure that they specialize in the area you require. Even if the lawyer recommended to you doesn’t practice in the area of law you require, there is a very good chance that may be able to point you in the direction of another reputable lawyer who is. They may be able to refer you to another lawyer in the same legal practice so it is always worth asking the question. Remember that a personal referral can be a more trustworthy option than taking a chance with an unknown, however approaching a reputable law firm such as Prime Lawyers to begin your enquiries can also be a good way to start. Many larger law firms will be able to provide specialist legal counsel in a range of different areas, so you can begin to narrow your search by doing some online research. For example, Prime lawyers are lawyers in Sydney with the capacity to provide legal representation for family law, criminal law and even traffic law.

Don’t necessarily feel like you must commit to the first lawyer you find. It can be wisest to make a list of a few different lawyers and get in touch with them to ascertain which one will be the best to handle your case. When you begin making telephone enquiries, you will need to have all of the relevant documentation pertaining to your legal issue at hand, as the legal counselor you speak with will likely need to converse with you about your needs or your issue to figure out if its a case they’d like to take. Before you call, also put together a list of questions to ask in order to help you determine whether this particular lawyer has the suitable expertise and case history required to handle your legal matter. That way you can make a fully informed decision as to whether this is the right lawyer to handle your case, if it turns out to be a case that they wish to take on. It is also a good idea at this point to discuss fees, because for most people this will be a significant determining factor when hiring a lawyer.

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