How to Get Cheap car Rental Deals

If you have booked cheap air fare, then you probably don’t want to end up in expensive rental cars. And it can happen with an extensive research and finding out the best deals. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to get the cheap deal.

Car hire

Sometimes the best car rental services are only available; if you book in advance, so be prepared for that too.

Here are some tips on how to hire cheap car hire in us services

Step 1- Check out the company and tell that you have membership with a particular car club and ask for the rental discounts. For instance, American Automobile Association and Costco provide you discount upto 15%. Also, you need to check with your workplace regarding the preferred car rental rates. The best place to ask about rebates is human resource department.

Step 2- Shop around and compare the prices. Ggo directly to a particular car rental company websites like Hertz and Avis, and check the prices on the major travel booking sites like While you may get a special offer on the car rental company website, but you can easily find the cheaper website on any of the travel booking websites. Also, don’t limit yourself to a particular airport location. In fact, you’ll find cheap car hire in us away from the airport. Even the cab costs may get added to other location before making a decision on the overall price structure.

Steps 3- Before hiring cheap car hire in us understand that the car make determines the car rental. A compact car tends to be cheaper in price. However, depending upon options you may get a chance to hire a full aize car. To avail the discounts and cheap fares you need to be pretty flexible in the car rentals and whatever model you choose ask for the discounted price.

Step 4-Use particular sites- It is in your best interest to check particular sites. These site offers discounts on the car rentals however the online sites does not tell the company until and unless you’ve paid for the reservation. When you hire a car on the car rental, you need to prepare a detailed description of entire car rental. Also, bear in mind that these car rental services are not refundable.

Step 5- Bid- You need to bid for a cheaper rate using a variety of sites. These sites allow you to offer the prices that you hope to pay and company accept it readily. The only catch is that you don’t actually know the name of car rental company until and unless your bid is accepted. Once the bid is accepted, you are immediately provided with the full details like the name of company, amount charged for rental services. You are not allowed to make changes in the rental reservation.

On these sites you can even see previous users have bid; if the bid is accepted then which rental companies have accepted the bid.

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