How to Grow your Blog in 2016

Continuous growth is the goal of every blog ever launched. But it is not easy to achieve – it’s not enough to provide your readers with quality content that’s highly shareable. You need to let them know that you have quality content, and you are an expert on your topic, to gather more readers. You need to use the same methods, no matter if you write about health, fitness, money, business or how to play casino slots.

Online Blogger

This year it’s no longer enough to submit your blog to search engines, have a few backlinks and write quality content frequently. To grow, you’ll need to invest more into your blog, make it unique, and make your voice heard by your potential audience. You’ll need to apply a few content marketing ideas that could mean the difference between your blog stagnating at its current level or growing beyond anything you’ve dreamed of before.

Be mobile-first

If in the last few years desktops were the dominant devices used to access content online, things have changed in 2015. Last year was the first when smartphones overtook desktops in terms of internet traffic. People use their phones more than ever to browse social networks, read the news, communicate with others, and even shop.

Turning mobile-first with your blog and any attached service can land you new customers always looking for fresh content to consume on the go.

Focus more on social media

There is a slow shift underway – people tend to use search engines less to seek information, and turn more toward social networks. The reasons are multiple – some people prefer the visual results provided by social networks to the text-based ones served by search engines, and social networks also come with the feedback of others, which is invaluable.

Choose social networks based on age groups

Facebook still remains the most popular social network of the world, with the highest number of users per total, but other similar services dominate various other age groups. Statistics show that YouTube was the preferred one by the younger visitors (between 14-17 years old). Besides, other services like Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr, are also popular among youngsters. And all these are more popular than Twitter in the same age group.

Explore new social media services, too

While most marketing efforts focus on the big players in the social world – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and so on – there are other similar services coming from behind, grabbing the attention of the users. Take Peach, for example, has skyrocketed to the top 10 free apps list in the Apple App Store within days from its launch. What makes it special is that it’s a fresh take on social media, which is exactly the thing most users are looking for.

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