How to Mix Business with Pleasure During a Trip

Traveling for business doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little bit of leisure along the way. There are plenty of things you can pack into a short stay when traveling to an exciting city. Here is how you can make the most of a business trip.

Business Trip - How to Mix Business with Pleasure During a Trip

Avoid Jetlag
Jetlag can make a potentially enjoyable business trip a nightmare, as you will be longing for your bed throughout your client meeting and during your spare time. Beat jet lag by drinking plenty of water during and after your flight, as it will keep your body refreshed and your mind clear, so you can make the most of the travel experience.

Set Personal or Professional Travel Goals
Don’t just travel to a destination for one client meeting. Set personal or professional travel goals, so you do not regret the experience. For example, you should strive to try a new cuisine in every destination you visit, or you should aim to meet with potential clients in the city, or you could also attend exciting business conferences or exhibitions to advance in your career.

Book Tickets for a Sightseeing Tour
A hop on and off sightseeing tour allows you to explore the very best the city has to offer in a few short hours, so it is the perfect activity when you have a bit of free time on a business trip. Your tour guide can fill you with facts along the way, and you will take in some of the city’s most famous landmarks and attractions.

Travel with a Colleague
Traveling and eating alone isn’t fun when on a business trip. It can also leave all the pressure on your shoulders when meeting with a client. For this reason, you should consider traveling with a colleague, so you can enjoy a little bit of company throughout your trip, and you will also have another person to bounce off during a meeting.

Book All Your Flights with the Same Airline
Booking business trips with the same airline will allow you accumulate loads of miles, so you can enjoy superb discounts on future flights. Frequent flyer programs are ideal for professionals who regularly travel on business, as you could eventually top up thousands of points – and you could even use the points to pay for a dream holiday destination when you decide to travel for pleasure.

Pick a Hotel in a Central Location
It is wise to select a central location when booking a hotel. This will ensure you are never too far away from excellent public transport to help you travel from A to B, so you will not be late for an important client meeting. What’s more, you will be in the thick of it, so you can explore more of the city and take your pick of the best restaurants, so you can make the most of the time when not working. Visit Ticket Sales to find a sightseeing tour for your next business trip.

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