How to Prevent Online Bullying

Technology is inevitable. One can say that computer was invented for a reason, and so is the internet. It can help you research, download music and games, get in touch with your friends (and enemies) and even with the entire world by flaunting your face, expensive things and even your opinions. Social media gives you freedom to say whatever you want, and of course, also gives freedom to others to react or to send you whatever they like to whatever you had posted in any way, whether it’s a compliment or an insult. According to the survey conducted by a child, care non-profit Stairway Foundation Inc., 80% of Filipino teenagers aged 13 – 16 have been cyberbullied through social media.

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How to prevent online bullying:

  • Protect your privacy.

Avoid posting too much pictures and personal information such as home address and contact number if you can. Before posting anything, ask yourself if it’s something okay for the world to see. If you’re not using your personal computer, don’t forget to always log-out your accounts.

  • Be responsible in using social media.

“Think before you click.” Do not post anything that can compromise your reputation. Be careful on voicing out your opinions. Since you have an internet connection to be active on social media, being active on researching and verifying the sources of a certain topic before posting is also a consideration. Avoid situation that people can call you stupid or ignorant. Avoid also posting what you are doing, where you at, what you are eating every single time. People may not bash you by that, it is just simply annoying. An annoyed person can be a bully somehow.

  • Know your circles.

Avoid adding people you don’t really know in your friend list online. Your friends and relatives are more unlikely to bully you. If possible, only accept request came from your schoolmates, colleagues and neighbors.

  • Don’t be gullible.

Avoid clicking and opening messages and links came from unsolicited and unknown sources. Avoid also sending chain messages and hoaxes that can lead to misinformation. Again, being informed and researching can’t hurt you.Page Break

  • Don’t feed the monsters.

The comments and messages you got are definitely insulting and surely can hurt you in a way, but please don’t respond to these hates. Yes, it’s hard just to ignore those, but bullies and bashers like it when they are aware that you are affected by them and only encourages them to bully you more.

  • Don’t be a cyberbully yourself.

As they say, respect begets respect. It’s 100% sure that you’ll be an online bully victim because you are also bully. It’s like giving others an idea that it’s okay to insult you online because you are doing the same too.

And as one of the international school in Manila that supporting an anti-bullying campaign, Reedley is hoping to decrease the number of cyber-bullied by sharing tips how to prevent being a victim.

Online bullying can be easy to spot. Are you always receiving hate messages online? Are your social media posts always accompanied by harsh, mean and cruel comments and snide remarks? Are you a cast of an embarrassing meme or photo editing? If your answers to these questions are yes, well unfortunately, you are now a certified online bullying victim.


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