How to Prevent Payment Errors by Introducing Automation

Dealing with payment accounts can sometimes be challenging, as well as overwhelming. Having a reliable way to work with all the information required for handling finances is crucial for all businesses, organisations as well as individuals. An automated system for dealing with the various aspects of salaries and invoices is demanded in today’s fast-paced society.


An excellent resource to solve these issues is Bacs software.

Old-fashioned record-keeping…

The task of utilising paper documents for keeping track of accounts, wages, deposits, and bills is slowly fading away as advanced technologies are being placed in offices. Spending an ample amount of time sorting through stacks of cheques, records and files prevents businesses from using their time efficiently. Attempting to maintain an accurate history of financial records, correcting payment oversights or mistakes, can prove to be daunting as well.

To help solve this, the answer is payment automation for quick and easy service to your workforce as well as for your customers’ convenience.

What is Bacs automation?

The Bacs system was founded in the United Kingdom and it sends electronic payments into individual’s bank accounts under multiple services. Introduced in 1968, this method was created to downsize the need for paper trails in the financial realm. Since that time, Bacs payment systems have processed more than 6 billion transactions.

Services they offer…

Direct Debit – This method allows a customer to set up direct debit at the bank for businesses, utility companies or charities to collect funds out of their account at the designated time, without having to be concerned with managing the accounts. It can be used to make one-time payments, too. A guarantee covers all this.

Direct Credit – Bacs provide this solution for businesses to pay their employees’ wages, pensions, benefits, and other funds related to the business sector. People can be paid on time, without the employer having to get involved with all the complexities.

Account Switch ServiceIf an individual desires to switch their account to another bank, it usually results in frustration and red tape. However, with this system, individuals and small businesses can transfer their whole banking account to another bank without losing any data. The Bacs service will even close out your old account.

Recently, Bacs has expanded to include other manage services under their name including Cash ISA Transfer Service and Biller?Update Services.

How can Bacs help your enterprise?

As you can see, Bacs is very useful when implemented as part of a business plan. There are so many advantages to investing in this software.

These include –

  • Faster payments – No longer will individuals and businesses have to wait for days to receive a payment because it might have gotten lost in the mail.
  • Cost cutting – Bacs service can do the job that would usually take numerous people to fulfil.
  • Error-free – You will be able to receive reliable reports, in which you do not have to search for incorrect amounts entered by mistake.
  • Productivity – Dealing with fiscal issues can drain a large amount of time from what really needs your attention.
  • Security – Since Bacs is electronic, you do not have to trouble yourself on how to store paper documents safely.
  • Simple Integration – The specialist can install Bacs within a few days, without any interruptions to your business.
  • Clutter relief – Reducing clutter from mounds of paper can help your organisation look more streamline and professional.
  • Backups – If disaster strikes, your business can be ruined or have difficulty in recovery, if you have lost significant information. With Bacs’ backup system, you can be assured your records are protected and accessible after a crisis.
  • Upgrades – This service comes with upgrade assistance, without paying any extra fees.
  • Mobility – When you are on the run, you can still operate and know what is happening with your mobile phone.

For anyone doing business these days, it just makes sense to have Bacs Automation Services available to help you with all your business transactions. It will support you in leaving the paper trail in the past, while stepping into innovative technology.

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