How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock

iCloud Unlocker is a free tool that you can use to bypass the iCloud activation lock. iCloud activation lock is created by Apple to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your iOS devices. The activation lock appears on Apple devices that use a firmware IOS version 7 or later. The activation screen will appear if the iPhone is linked to the Apple ID of the previous owners.

iCloud Activation

Many people do not know about the activation lock feature before purchasing the second hand Apple devices. As a result, the feature was not disabled before the device is being sold. After the Apple device is sold, it is very rarely that the seller will help you to unlock the device. For most second hand iPhone buyers, they are forced to find a third party software that works. There are a lot of third party iCloud unlock software with expensive costs. Not all work as they said so it is like gambling when you buy the software in hope that you can successfully bypass the activation screen.

It can be frustrating when you are faced with the activation screen and don’t know what you can do to bypass it. You will not be able to use the device if you don’t have the apple ID and password of the original owner. The activation screen is also locked if you forgot your login password. iCloud Unlocker can remove the iCloud activation lock so that the activation screen allows you to sign in with your Apple ID instead of the Apple ID of the previous owner.

In order to unlock iCloud, you must first have the software on your computer. Clicking on the green download button at the bottom will instantly download the iCloud Unlocker tool onto your computer. When iCloud Unlocker launch, you will see a drop down menu that lists different types of Apple devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple watch. You have to connect your Apple device and select the device type from the drop down menu in order for the software to accurately detect the correct version of your device.

You will need to enter the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment) number before it can start the activation screen unlocking process. Every Apple device has a unique IMEI number. One way to locate the IMEI number is to dial the number *#06# with your iPhone. After entering the IMEI number, you must press the button and wait for a few minutes for it to completely erased away the details of the old linked Apple ID account. If you submitted the correct IMEI number of your Apple device, iCloud Unlocker will be able to successfully remove the activation lock.

You can unplug the USB cable that join your Apple device to the computer after the process is completed. If you don’t yet have an Apple account, you can create a new account. On the other hand, you can instantly login if you already have an existing Apple account. iCloud Unlocker tool is compliant with IMEI factory service so your personal data are encrypted and won’t be accessed by other identity thieves.

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