How to Use Blogging as a Marketing Strategy

Today’s businesses understand the need for an online presence, a website, whether they are selling online or in physical retail locations. A website is where you have static content that shows who you are, what you do, and perhaps lists inventory of what you have for sale. Your business website has little to no interaction in that it is simply a place for visitors to see what you have to offer. Your website consists of formal, descriptive content, and often pricing as well.

Blogging - How to Use Blogging as a Marketing Strategy

Do You Know the Difference Between Website Content and a Blog?

A blog, on the other hand, opens the floor to visitors and gives them that ‘something more’ which is often the key to converting a visitor into a customer. A blog is typically informal and is used to place you in a position of authority within your field.

Blogs offer content applicable to what it is you do and gives visitors a reason to come back when they are looking for pertinent information. Sometimes it is your blog that sells products rather than the formal description of merchandise listed on your site. In a nutshell, that’s the basic difference. But, how can blogging be used as a marketing strategy?

Blogs Can Help to Position You as an Expert in Your Field
Take, for example, a person searching for affordable tires for their vehicle. They know that the big names are going to be expensive, so they start shopping around for cheaper tires. However, they don’t want tires so poorly manufactured that they aren’t safe on the road.

A blog such as the one on ContentInjection.Com can provide reviews of inexpensive tires that meet your qualifications and offers enough background so that you know what you are buying. You have not only explained the pros and cons of specific brands, but you have also established yourself as an expert in the field. Customers want to buy from someone who knows their industry and aren’t out simply for that almighty buck.

Blogs Help to Build Relationships with Sharable Content
One of the greatest ways to gain exposure for your business is to post shareable content on your blog. This helps other businesses explain any of your products they sell and also builds both a B2B and B2C relationship in the process.

Linking back and forth goes a long way in establishing a strong relationship with your peers and customers, and it has been found to be one of the most successful marketing strategies of all. Every time your content is shared, Google sees you as more authoritative and begins ranking your site higher in the SERPs as a result. That’s a side benefit of building relationships, but a vital one at that!

Wrapping It up With Great Customer Service
Finally, a blog can offer explanations on various issues your customers may have with products or services you provide. It isn’t always the product which is defective, but typically a customer doesn’t understand the mechanics of something or what your service was meant to accomplish. By addressing common complaints and issues on the blog portion of your business website, you can kill several birds with one stone.

The key to successful blogging is to keep your site updated regularly with new informative content. This will keep you visible to the search engines and provide a constant source of information for your visitors. If you do wish to know more, please go through the write-ups published on

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