Is It Time For A Change

Armed with your day passes for London gyms, you’re about to repeat your routine. You may attend the gym 3 or more times per week, and since you’ve started, you’ve already taken the hardest step – walking through the doors for the very first time. But now you may be thinking is this it, is there anything more you could be doing? Perhaps your gains have reduced, or you’re getting a little bored of repeating the same workout time after time. Nothing kills results quicker than boredom, except perhaps injury. However, always doing the same routine means that the chance of injury is increased too as the body needs time to rest.

Exercise Gym - Is It Time For A Change

The gym isn’t a bad place and you shouldn’t worry though. If you act now you’ll be able to carry on with a new found commitment and better still, you’ll see some positive gains. The act needed that’s needed? Well that’s simple, you need a change. Your gym routine is tired, repetitive and you have been doing it for too long. Your body will have got used to it and now can cruise through a session without really trying – hence the gains have dropped off. Here we offer help and guidance to assist you in identifying and then solving your problem. It’s time to turn over a new page…

Change Is Good
Nobody is suggesting that you should change your exercise from one day to the next, but some change is good. If you’re seeing that the initial results of muscle gain or weight loss are now plateauing then this is a sign that it’s time to act. A new regime can help you smash through any plateaus in the same way that your first few weeks in the gym brought new benefits to your body.

Boredom is another factor to consider. If you hate training, you’ll more likely miss it and then eventually quit. Doing the same thing in every session, with no end in sight sounds boring even before you get into the gym. So think about changing your regime or incorporating new activities and exercises into it. Why not try a different class or discipline altogether? If you’re constantly hitting the weights, then why not experiment with a HIIT class or vice versa. If your warm up is 15 minutes on a treadmill, try the rowing machine, and you’ll soon see how much your body has adapted to routine. You need to change it up to almost shock the body into action.

Another sign that things are not working is when post workout you don’t really feel like you’ve done anything. Almost as if you have been going through the motions. In reality this is exactly what you have been doing. You go to the gym to work, so push yourself, change the exercises and get that “exhausted” post workout buzz again. Having a partner or trainer will assist you in pushing to new levels, as will keeping an honest exercise plan/diary. Whenever you’re feeling lacklustre, see if you’ve plateaued, then take action.

You have many muscles within your body. Constantly using the same ones in a workout is not sensible. Firstly you are neglecting the others and secondly, you are increasing the risk of injury – something that will kill all of your gains! In order to avoid the risk of injury, vary your workouts to hit the whole body. Change your cardio plan, make sure you exercise your back as well as your chest, and ensure that you warm up and cool down properly. Simple little actions can bring great results, so act.

When you started you may have set a goal. Say to lose 10lbs. But you’ve hit that goal, so now your training runs the risk of becoming directionless. Goals are great, but once attained, set new ones. Also, your desired results may have changed. Instead of training for that race you’ve now run, you might want to build muscle, and a different result will need a different approach. Keep reviewing and revisiting your targets to ensure that you’re workouts compliment them.

If you do nothing then you’ll end up bored, possibly injured but more likely than not disillusioned. All of these negative factors will increase the likelihood that you will quit altogether and that’s the worst possible outcome of all. You can take action to avert this and with a few simple changes, reflecting your new goals, you can inject a new impetus into your training. Taking these positive steps will mean that you’ll still get to use those day passes for London gyms but more importantly that you’ll actually enjoy being there too. Make the change before it’s too late.

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