Key Ways to Maintain Privacy in a Public World

The word ‘privacy’ evokes charged feelings in today’s world. It seems like the very concept of privacy is completely of a bygone era. With the heavy presence of social media and the necessity of using the internet for nearly every daily task under the sun, it can be hard to know how to maintain a respectable level of privacy. Here are a few ways to live a more private life and attain a greater sense of amnesty.

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Limit the Information You Give Out On Social Media

One of the best ways to achieve greater privacy is to carefully examine your social media presence. For many of us, completely eliminating your social media presence isn’t really an option, even if we want it to be. If you’re going to be on social media, but want to keep things as private as possible, give as little private information as possible on each format. Facebook asks for a lot of personal information, but requires very little of it. Be a “Friends only user” and you’ll have a much smaller group of people in your social media community. Only give Facebook the information that’s necessary and it’ll go a long way in establishing a new standard of privacy in your life.

Substitute Interaction on Social Media for Live Interaction (Where You Can)

One of the quickest ways to be more private is to reconnect with your friends in a real-life setting. It’s easy for all of us to rely too heavily on social media interactions, even to the point where they can replace our live ones. Wherever you can, replace your online interactions and conversations with friends with face-to-face.

Build Relationships Based On Trust

If we’re not careful, we learn from social media that relationships are based on reach instead of real connection and trust. The more we value real relationships with a foundation in honesty, intimacy, and trust, we are less likely to be too transparent to online acquaintances.

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Make Your Home More Private

Making your home a more private place to live won’t necessarily solve your online privacy issues, but it will turn your home into a sanctuary from the outside world. Use plants, shrubbery, or man-made structural objects to give your home a more intimate setting and block the view of the public The more private your home, the more private your personal life. Use your private home as a model for how you are going to act on social media.

Use Password Protection Vigorously

Using password protection and other pre-emptive security measures on your computer are essential in today’s world. As an extra precaution, sign out of all your accounts after you use them. If you use Gmail, activate the two-step identification feature. Put a password on your computer and any program that offers one. You should also consider changing your password regularly.

You should also using passwords on all of your electronic devices. One of the dangers of smart phones is carrying around all that personal information. If you lose your phone or it get stolen without password protection, you are given someone else access to anything. The phrase “better safe than sorry” has never been more appropriate.

Clear Web History and Cookies Often

Your web history says a lot about you, especially to people you don’t know. Clear your web history and cookies frequently and you’re far less likely to be tracked down by unwanted parties.

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Limit Your Computer Time

Sometimes the best way to be more private is to spend less time handing over your privacy online. Limiting your computer time each day is not only a great way to discover more rewarding activities, but it will also give you more breathing room when it comes to privacy.

In addition to limiting computer time, limiting how much time you spend on your phone can be a huge help. Pay particularly close attention to your apps, especially ones that connect with social media. If you’ve stopped using an app or program that’s still on your phone, get rid of it. The less digital clutter you have, the better.

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