Lagging Behind? 4 Tips to Help Your Sales Team Catch Up

Are your business profits waning? Do you need to get your sales team on track to meet monthly or quarterly goals? Here are four motivational tips to help you re-energize your team and give them the support they need to flourish.

Business Profits - Lagging Behind? 4 Tips to Help Your Sales Team Catch Up

Set up a lead coordination plan for employees

Because your sales team is skilled and knowledgeable about your company situation, background, and mission, it is important to use them to your advantage. Use the sales people to bring leads to your accounts team. Then the account managers can convert these leads into sales. Finally, your customer service managers can handle the long-term management of the leads to keep the consumer happy and returning.

Research who you need to target for your primary audience

To maximize the effect of your marketing and advertising campaigns, it is essential to put enough funding into research. Taking surveys, conducting online polls, asking customers to fill out reply cards after purchases, and many other techniques can help you determine what age, lifestyle, or location your largest customer base is in and how to reach them.

Real-time calling programs simplify training and promote success

Do you want to streamline your call center? Weeding out weaker habits and finding the strong character points that reach your target audience is easier when using online technologies. Real-time inbound call scoring evaluates your call center techniques and uses analytical programs to help you identify areas you need to revamp and change to make your sales team the most effective.

Make it fun with a call marathon

A final tip for building your sales volume is to incorporate some excitement into the mix. Promote competition by using games, gifts, time off, company passes to a game, or a trip to the spa as motivation. Using rewards to add more incentive for employees to get sales is a productive and enjoyable way to spark creativity and get your sales staff to put in the extra effort you need to grow.

Encouraging your sales team is easy with these four tips. With good coordination, research, Real-time inbound call scoring, and fun incentives, your team will be performing better than ever. To get more work out of your staff, make sure they feel the company values them with awards like recognition ceremonies where you give out plaques, mugs, or framed awards. Weekly or monthly contests and real-time tracking software spot improvement and show you where you need to make changes instead of waiting for annual or semi-annual performance assessments. Six months is a long time to wait to learn where there are problems to fix.

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