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Writing skills of a person or a candidate can be improved by following a special writing strategy which involves patience, practice and great diligence towards the goal. Essay is just a form of content writing which needs more elaborate thinking and brainstorming ideas that can fully catch the reader’s mind. Assertions, language and headings should be bold enough to express your thoughts and personal opinions that can blow life in the essay. Just get ready to improve your essay writing skills through these tips that are easy and accurate to follow as found in most of the genuine and professional top essay writing services reviews.

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Prefer active voice

You should never emphasize on the doer rather focus on the action in any sentence while writing essay. It really becomes important for you write your sentences in active voices however; passive voices also become prominent in illustrations and explanations. Active voice should be preferred in an essay because it shows emphasis, accuracy and action in your content.

Use prepositional phrases rarely in essays

In order to show possession in an essay, you should try using apostrophe rather than using a lot of prepositional phrases which may divert the attention of a reader. It should be noted here that prepositional phrase stuffing will simply make your essay lengthy and less emphatic which should be definitely avoided.

Limit use of expletive patterns

Expletive patterns such as ‘there is/are’, ‘it is’ and other forms should be limited while writing an essay because it makes the content much explanatory without any need. What you need to do here is to simply focus on the action and verb rather than going on general sentence structures that makes your essay senseless.

Write simple, genuine and accurate

Essay will be more fluent and grasping if the candidates learns to make use of simple words and sentences rather than emphasizing through mind-boggling words or phrases which hangs in the air. Readers should properly digest the essay content and illustrations if you have not used difficult and tedious vocabulary. Top essay writing services reviews have already show how simplicity in content wins the heart of millions of readers.

Write meaningful paragraph with transition links

Yes, you should feel free to use the transition phrases and links to connect your assertions and examples with the conclusion or personal opinion. Professionals also encourage the application of transition phrases such as ‘moreover’, ‘finally’, ‘in the same way’, ‘however’, ‘on the contrary’ and other powerful notations to link the essay structures. These transitions will automatically help the readers to grasp your logic and assertions in a more emphatic manner.

How to use acronyms and abbreviations!

If you are trying to use abbreviations and acronyms that have got world-level recognition and reputation, there is no problem. But, you should never make repeated use of such acronyms in an essay until it becomes compulsory or essential. Users will not feel at ease and comfort with such experiments because acronyms divert their mind to explore the meaning of such abbreviations. Only 2-4 acronyms are used in the Top essay writing services reviews for better understanding and simplicity.


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