Lifting Search Engine Bans and Penalties For Websites

Internet marketing has become an art form in today’s digital age that revolves around the world wide web. Webmasters want their sites to have a positive rating with the top search engines. However, search engines may impose penalties on sites that receive traffic from something that is known as “bad link.” There are plenty of malicious websites that link to other sites. These rogue sites may have malware, adware and other viruses that are hidden. A webmaster should try to cut off any association with websites that are categorized as being malicious in any way.

Form and Function

The most effective way to clean up the reputation of a website is to use a service that is known as back link removal. Professional internet marketing experts try to improve a site’s reputation with a search engine that has imposed a ban or penalty. The penalties may be lifted only when all links to rogue sites are completely removed. The average webmaster does not have the tools to know which sources are providing traffic into a site. Basic analytic tools may only show the domain names of websites that redirect visitors to a particular site of a given webmaster. However, there is no way of knowing if the traffic sources have any suspicious elements such as spyware. Links to adult websites from non adult websites are often considered to be bad by search engines.

Backlink removal services essentially cut off any ties between a client’s website and hundreds or even thousands of other sites. The removal process may also deal with sites that simply give off negative feedback about a client’s website. For example, there may be discussion forums that post offensive comments and then provide a link to a client’s site. Such forums must be disassociated with the site that is receiving back link removing.

The process of link building is very complicated because webmasters can’t control the incoming traffic sources. However, it is possible to control the types of links that are posted on a particular site. A webmaster has the abilities to post links to external sites that are considered relevant. On a regular basis, webmasters should make sure that no broken links exist on their websites. For example, some domain names might have expired and therefore a link may become broken. Similarly, the content of a website may change frequently due to a transfer of ownership of a domain name.

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