Make the Most of a Rental Storage Unit With These Tips

We have had the opportunity to rent a number of storage units, over the years because everyone needs more space. There are a number of uses of a rental storage unit and there are several tips and tricks that can help you make the most of a rental storage unit.

Blue BOX Storage - Make the Most of a Rental Storage Unit With These Tips

Needless to say, the front desk does not tell you these tips and tricks when you sign up. Here is a list of some of the things that have helped us make us the of rental storage units.

1. Get a Lot of Pallets
If you are going to rent a storage unit, it is important for you to invest in as many pallets as you need as it’s essential to keep your items above the floor. There is no way to guarantee that the adjacent storage unit will not have a spill that, somehow, will find its way to your unit or the melting snow will not quietly come under the door of your rental unit.

2. Wrap Everything
Whenever we store something in our rental storage unit, we try to wrap the stuff in an industrial plastic wrap. It gives us peace of mind that our stuff will not collect any creepy crawlies or dust in the storage unit as everything is sealed up tight. You can easily order large rolls of industrial plastic wrap on the Internet.

3. Get Your Own Padlock
Most rental storage units offer security but there is no guarantee that they will always be a hundred percent secure. Therefore, it is better to lock your stuff with the help of an all-weather padlock with a short arm in order to ensure that it can’t be sliced open with the help of a bolt cutter.

4. Label Things
Like most people, the chances are you will also have to search for many hours to find things six months after you rented the storage unit. In other words, without proper labelling, you will waste a lot of time as you will not remember where you stored the stuff you need. So, label everything. In fact, it is recommended to make a checklist hanging inside that tells you the exact location of all the things inside your unit.

5. Temperature Changes
You do not need to worry about temperature change in some parts of the country but keep in mind that you do need to worry about temperature changes in other parts of the country. Certain things are not designed to withstand huge temperature change. Therefore, you should make sure that everything is well insulated or double wrapped before you store it in the rental storage unit. Some of the things that you need to pay attention to while storing include old photos, vinyl records and electronics.

6. Do Not Forget to Bring Sand in Winters
The storage units are designed to keep water away from the doors and bring that water to one central location for proper drainage but it seldom works in reality. Sometimes, big ice slicks can quickly form outside the door in winter months.

These ice slicks make it almost impossible for you to get to the unit without any additional help. Therefore, you should carry sand, cat litter or spare sheets of plywood to get to your items in a safe manner during the winter months.

7. Protect Your Unit
It is true that you need to be extremely careful about the things that you store in your unit but keep in mind that you also need to protect the unit if you do not want to pay heavy fines for damaging the unit. If you have rented a unit for your freelance furniture flipping business, it is important for you to cover the walls and floors with plastic to catch glue drips and sprays. In simple terms, you need to keep the unit in good condition during your tenancy.

8. Improve Your Stacking Skills
You can put a great deal of stuff in even the smallest unit available but you have to learn to use the space in the right manner which means that you need to store things right up to the ceiling. It is recommended to bring in plywood with you.

These planks of plywood can be laid across several boxes, watford storage units for stabilizing the layers of boxes as you keep stacking layers of boxes one over the other. It will help you keep your things safe.

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