Marketing Strategies for Accommodation Business

Most accommodation establishments fail for 3 main reasons: its location, bad management and no existent advertising. Concerning location, there is nothing you can do and management is something you can work, however a marketing strategy becomes the crucial key to make your business a real success.

Hotel Room - Marketing Strategies for Accommodation Business

Nowadays on this global world, a stunning decoration and the perfect location are not enough to guarantee you a successful business. For example: A hotel in the very heart of New York with beautiful rooms and the best services and facilities, it doesn’t guarantee you reservations unless your hotel is on any hotel search engine. If your customers are foreigners, all these people live abroad and won’t find your hotel unless they can find it on the internet.

In this digital time if you don’t have a digital presence or in case you are not a member of any social media, your establishment doesn’t exist and won’t be a successful business. A marketing strategy must be attached to the customer services of your hotel. If you own an establishment you have useful and free tools that will help you to make your business relevant, just check out our advices.

1. TripAdvisors : This is probably the best tool you can use. TripAdvisors not only will help you become a better establishment, but will also help you to be relevant on the web. As we said before, your customer service can help you with this tool: The receptionist of your hotel can kindly invite to all your guests to give their opinion of your establishment on this platform. TripAdvisors will also help you to know what you are doing well and on which things you can improve.

2. Facebook and Twitter: These 2 social media will also be crucial to generate engagement with your customers and/or future customers. On these two platforms, you can interact with your customers as well as create events and publish your special offers and events.

Customer Insight is another useful tool you can use as a marketing strategy. This one is as simple as the others, you can ask your guests to fill in a survey, with this you will make your customer feel important and let them know their opinion really matters. If you are not doing the things right, is better to know it as soon as possible, so you can change all those bad things and start making it better.

Finally, Email marketing is a very effective marketing tool, as long as you don’t spam your clients with messages every day. Email Marketing is useful to remind your customer of your establishment, as well as let them know your new offers. On Email Marketing you can also add coupons to your clients to make them feel special as well as keep them interested.

As you can see these Marketing strategies are not as hard to do it, all these tools are free use, that will improve your hotel visibility and will benefit your business.

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