Millennial tips: Eco friendly gadgets for savvy people

Who says gadgets can’t be eco-friendly? For the environment conscious consumer, there many gadgets and goodies are sustainable. Around the world or in the Philippines, solar panels cannot be slipped into our pockets or bags but the following gadgets can be:

Solar Panel

Bamboo Speaker Amplifier

Any music lover will definitely go for a bamboo speaker amplifier. This gadget does not need an outlet or batteries or even any high tech gear at all! These portable speakers are bamboo cut to the usual portable speaker size with a slot on top to rest your phone. Turn your phone’s speaker on, set it in the slot, and the bamboo’s natural acoustics will amplify the sound for you with no electricity needed!

Solar Powered Portable Charger

More and more people are discovering the perks of having a solar powered charger. Since it can be charged under the sun, you can simply leave it by the window sill or any spot in your house where sunshine is abundant. There are chargers that can store up to 5,000 mAh and most phone batteries are approximately 1,800 mAh. This means you can have 2 full charges from a single solar charge.

Solar Powered Backpack

There are a few companies who are making solar backpacks. Although they are rather expensive, these backpacks come in simple colors, clean lines and an unobtrusive solar panel. They are not the most stylish bags out there but you can charge your phone, tablet, camera or any electronic device while walking around in the sun. They may look a little dorky but you can carry many things in these packs.

Water Pebble

One of the problems in the modern society is that many people waste water while taking showers. Water Pebble will help you reduce your shower time in a simple way. Simply put it near the drain and it will monitor how much water goes down. It will display lights—green, red, and orange—to let you know when you are using more than your last shower. Every time you shower, Water Pebble will reduce the time, helping you shorten your showers without having to deal with anything but looking at the indicator lights.

Water Powered Alarm Clock

Believe it or not, there are alarm clocks that run on water. These eco-friendly time pieces are great for home and travel. The technology behind these clocks is that the ions found in the water are converted into clean energy power. Change the water every few days to ensure maximum performance.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if people could replace gadgets with solar-powered counterparts as well as those that are made from recyclable materials that are biodegradable? Imagine if everyone in the world is using eco-friendly phones, tablets, and laptops which will all be recharged using renewable energy, like the abundance of solar energy in the Philippines We would be able to cut down on our electrical energy wastes, reduce pollution, save ecosystems and the environment, and slow down the destruction of Mother Nature.

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