New Types Of Problems Create More Long Term Disability Claims

We’ve all seen old pictures and movies about the turn of the 20th century, where working conditions in meat packing plants and other places often left people injured for life without any compensation. Most countries in the century since then have created regulations that create a lot of incentive for companies to have a safe work environment so that workers are able to keep the number of work-place accidents to a minimum.


Yet as technology advances, new challenges arise that create new types of threats for people who work in sometimes dangerous conditions. Here are some of the newer types of problems that can lead workers to apply for long term disability benefits:

Tinnitus: Tinnitus is a problem with your ears that can affect your balance and your hearing. It has been on the increase for the past two decades and is common when you have a lot of noise in your work environment and not enough ear protection. If it is left untreated and exacerbated, it can blossom into dementia. Many Iraq war veterans have tinnitus because of the sonic weaponry that was used to control neighborhoods and debilitate opponents. In the tech industry, directed sound and software-defined radio were used to cause injuries at work in several companies due to competition. Today, tinnitus sufferers are at risk from security systems in grocery stores, big box retailers, and malls when they use directed sound to talk to shoppers, a documented problem in places like California. So for retail workers that end up with vertigo or problems with hearing, it is a good idea to talk to a doctor about the long-term ramifications.

Electronic Shock: Your nervous system is a network that sends messages at a certain rate. If you accidentally add a lot of electricity to your body in the workplace, it can wreak havoc with your nervous system and brain, giving you life-long problems with memory, strokes, and stamina. At work, even if you are not grounded and touch a personal computer that is plugged in and capable of giving you an electric shock, you can receive enough energy to create a long-term disability. With electric shock, it is important to document and work towards a settlement with your employer right away because there normally will be long term effects that you cannot predict when you first are injured. Finding a solid partner like HSH Lawyers, a firm that has decades of experience in the disability claims business is a very good start to making sure that your medical situation at work is resolved satisfactorily.

Exposure To Chemicals Or Toxins: As manufacturing is growing larger, there are still plants and industries that are new in their design and can therefore present a hazard for workers because they have not necessarily had a lot of experience with accident prevention for the particular equipment that they are using inside the buildings. For workers that are involved in an incident that creates exposure to chemicals or toxins, getting medical treatment right away and an opinion from a specialist doctor on what the long-term prognosis is for your condition are two solid first steps towards resolving your problem. In Oregon recently, some good Samaritans stopped to help a truck driver that had crashed and walked through some of the most toxic fumes and liquid imaginable. It was so bad, they were hosed off naked on the side of the highway by a Hazmat team and they had to destroy their car. The upshot is that with exotic materials everywhere, there is greater potential for you to need medical and legal help in order ensure continuing to lead a good life. Knowing where to find these things is the best way to prevent any problems if something debilitating does occur.

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