Nokia X Dual SIM – the era of Nokia

The Nokia X dual SIM model was introduced in February 2014. The phone is with a display screen of 4.0 inch and it is from the category of touch screen. Nokia is the brand which is famous from decades for its telecommunication equipments and mobile devices. Nokia was earlier the largest manufacturer of mobile phones but it sold its device and service division to Microsoft.

Nokia X Dual SIM

This model of Nokia is with the Snapdragon processor but the RAM and the storage capacity is quite less. The phone is of a smaller display screen as compared to the screens developed today. The height width and thickness of the phone is 115.5, 63 and 10.40 respectively. The phone weighs 128.70 grams. The phone provides other connectivity features and the sensors which are commonly available. The phone is available in many different colors. Get the best deal using Amazon India.

Look of Nokia X dual SIM
The display screen of the model is 4.0 inch which is a bit less than the current trend but it is satisfactory for many. The resolution of the Nokia X Dual SIM is 480 pixels X 800 pixels. The density of the pixels is 233 PPI. As far as the display is concerned the phone is a good option if you wish to have something in a tight budget.

Hardware and Software of Nokia X Dual SIM
The phone is running in the 1GHz dual-core processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. It offers an RAM of 512 MB and the internal storage of only 4 GB. The memory storage is less the phone and so it will not be able to handle too many apps and other multimedia materials. But the phone allows expanding the memory. The expandable storage type is micro SD and it can be extended up to 32 GB which is more than enough for the regular users. From hardware point of view the phone is good but it has some limitations. Nokia does not run on Android platform. It runs on the Nokia X Platform 1.0 which is its own operating system. It offers a battery of 1500 mAh and the battery is removable.

Camera of Nokia X Dual SIM
The phone has good features but it has the limitation as there is no front camera in the phone. So if you are the selfies lover than the phone would not be of use to you. The phone offers the rear camera with 3 megapixels which is a bit less as compared to other phones. The clarity is good but an extra ordinary image cannot be expected from the 3 megapixel camera. Flipkart can be used to benefit in getting the latest smartphones.

Other features of Nokia X Dual SIM
As far as connectivity is concerned the model provides the features such as WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS and slot for headphones. The biggest advantage of the phone is that it provides 2 slots for SIM and 3G is available in one of the SIM card. It also offers the sensors such as accelerometer and proximity sensor.

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