Office Space For Your Business – Serviced Office Or Traditional Office?

Small companies can rent office space because renting an office space is much cheaper than buying or lease a property. A better solution for the small business owner is serviced office space in which space is measured as price per workstation where traditional office space counts in square feet. In a serviced office, you don’t have to include the price of unused facilities such as balcony, corridors, canteen etc.


Before you make your final decision of getting an office space rental or a traditional office, you have to get familiar with the basic ideas and the pros and cons of both. After you have grabbed the information, you can easily make the right decisions. Below mentioned are some of the important aspects of both office types:

Facilities You Will Get In Both Serviced And Traditional Office

If you rent any serviced office, it includes conference room, canteen, kitchen, and workstations. The best part of serviced office is you have to pay according to your usage. Every business owner doesn’t need to use the conference room on a regular basis. In case of traditional office space, a business owner needs to pay for all the facilities he has been given whether he makes use of them or not.

Difference Between Serviced Office Lease Time And Traditional Office Lease Time:

Basically, service offices come up with a short term of lease contract basis whereas the traditional office space has a minimum 10 years of lease contract. If you are a small business owner and just started your business, you might be totally in dilemma whether your business will be successful or not. You can’t take a long term lease which will cost you a lot of money at the initial stage. However, you are able to grow the lease or downsized the lease contract according to your business moves.

The Maintenance Cost In Traditional And Serviced Office Space

In the serviced office space, you don’t have to pay the maintenance cost apart from the used space cost. In traditional office space, you have to pay all the maintenance costs incurred like furniture cost, office equipments, electricity, and telephone and internet installation. In fact, the entire maintenance of the space will be your responsibility. If your office wall colour is fading, you have to paint it as it was before you took the office space on rent.


Run Your Business In A Professional Manner And Conventional Manner:

Serviced office provides many gadgets along with the lease which might assist you to run and establish a new business. Telephone answering machines, postal sending services are the most cost efficient products to have for a small business. Telephone answering machines can save on a huge amount of money because it can receive calls, send loaded messages, take client orders and also can forward important messages in your email account. Another convenient way to send mails within the same business centre is called postal forwarding. All of these facilities, you can utilise in services office space according to your office’s demands.

Small business owners always prefer serviced office space which is very affordable and accommodating. Whereas if you lease traditional office you have to spend a lot of money for the maintenance and equipment cost over the huge amount of lease cost. Moreover, people have found that serviced office space always has a prime location where traditional office space is little far from the crowded area. Altogether, it will be cheaper if you rent serviced office rather than running your start up business in a traditional office.

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