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To build online presence, everybody jumped into myriads of social networking sites just to be seen. The social networking sites had become the place to be, an SEO strategy where you need to be everywhere just to get the highest ranking in the major search engines. However, this has resulted in duplicate content, which did not result in the conversion rate you expected.


With Google Panda along with its siblings Caffeine, Scraper, and Farmer looking out for fresh content, you need to be the “newest,” “freshest,” and “latest” to get their attention. Work on new and relevant content if you do not want to be at the lowest page ranking. Maybe you have noticed that the social networking sites are offering the same thing under the guise of different names. With so many restaurants offering the same dishes, maybe it is time to look for a new place to hang out. Read More

The Different Testing Services

Here we will talk about the different testing services like functional testing services, load testing services and web usability test services.

Computer testing

Functional testing is a key constituent for patterned the quality of the developed software. The risks of releasing a new product without meticulous question answers have greater implications, because of the change in expectations and demands of the end users. Finding an independent question answers partners, who is not inclined by the development unit is crucial to the success a quality product. Read More

The Online Business of Reputation Management

We are now living in an era, where people hold the power and web content expresses this. Everybody who has been using the internet has posted something that they later on regret. Online information tends to be more permanent and rivals and enemies to smear your good name, your reputation, or your career can exploit it.

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Therefore, it is not only politicians or businessmen who can benefit from online reputation management. The traditional method of reputation management may no longer suffice as search engines have become more optimal, and people are quickly learning how to utilize them. As an example, it is now easy to garner support and momentum by creating more viral components to boost a presidential candidate’s campaign. Read More