What to Do When Your Computer Crashes

There’s not really any adequate words for a major computer crash. A repetitive beeping, followed by a computer that just won’t work is about all the average user gets to know about the situation. It’s a more than scary experience, and it also introduces unenthusiastic computer users to some very difficult concepts, like hard drive recovery.

Keyboard Typing - What to Do When Your Computer Crashes

If you’ve ever had the experience of having ten years work lost as a result of a hard drive crash without an external memory backup, you’ll know what “shock” really means. The problem is that being in a state of shock doesn’t solve anything, and you have to get busy with undoing the damage.
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6 Non-Technical Ways To Improve The SEO of Your Blog

Many Web designers can get hung up with the technical and visual appearance of a blog.  Whilst it is important to maintain reader usability and to make the experience as easy as possible for every visitor, the technical side of a blog’s design is not as important as the content and promotion of the blog.

Writing Blog
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Whilst the argument still rages over which blogging platform is best, WordPress or Movable Type, designers will be better off spending their time on the non-technical aspects of improving the SEO of their blogs.
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Blog Consultant Help Your Business Blog Successful

As you know, normally you can find a definition of a word or phrase by typing into Google and come up with a lot of results. Currently there are millions of blogs and there are thousand of people who call themselves Blog Consultants, which is probably a good thing for most blog consultants because without a definition, there is no standard to hold them to.

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Now that is out of the way, lets talk business. For new era, every business should have a blog. There are so many reasons for your business to have a blog it would be hard to write them all in one blog post, so lets assume you know your company needs a blog. That is a reason for hiring blog consultant. Because of there are a lot of reasons that go into making a blog popular, such as Technorati tags, submissions and pings to bloglists and blogsearch websites, learning how to get on the right blogrolls and more.
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