Succeeding in the Restaurant Business: Three Things a Start Up Should Know

The idea of opening your own restaurant may be something that you have considered doing for years. Actually taking that first step can feel like a big leap of faith. To set yourself up for having the best chance possible at success, here are three important things you need to know about the restaurant business.

Restaurant Business - Succeeding in the Restaurant Business: Three Things a Start Up Should Know

Get Your POS Software Right from the Start

Too many times, new business owners start thinking about the concept of the menu and decor of the building instead of focusing on the key parts that make up the backbone of a successful business. The exchange of money from your customers to you is one of those key parts. You should analyze different POS software systems to find one that will work smoothly for your business. These systems can make all the difference in how quickly customers can be given receipts, orders can be submitted, payment can be taken, and so forth. Read More

Is Your Business SEC Compliant?

Why SEC Compliance is Important? Businesses invariably find themselves under the watchful eye of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) when their business offers certain types of employee benefits such as a 401K, stock options, a credit union and group health coverage. Business owners need to know SEC compliance regulations and federal laws that relate to their business.

Business SEC - Is Your Business SEC Compliant?


One of the driving factors when people choose a job are payment and benefits. Since benefits are part of the compensation plan it is important to make sure that the mix of benefits that are offered to employees are attractive. This is especially important in companies where you want to avoid a high turnover rate. Having employees stay with a company for a long time means they should be happy with their pay and benefits. However, there are challenges that sometimes arise. Read More

How to Follow a Business Casual Dress Code

Business casual is a new buzz phrase that refers to a style of dress that is still considered professional-looking, yet is more relaxed in tone. It is different from the typical three-piece suit and pantsuit attire typically worn in the workplace by men and women, respectively, but it is supposed to still give a businesslike impression.

Business Casual - How to Follow a Business Casual Dress Code

This means that you cannot overemphasize the casual part, such as coming into the office in an oversized sweatshirt and leggings, but you don’t want to place the emphasis on the business side either, strolling in like an overpriced attorney. Here are some things to consider when determining business casual style: Read More