Millennial tips: Eco friendly gadgets for savvy people

Who says gadgets can’t be eco-friendly? For the environment conscious consumer, there many gadgets and goodies are sustainable. Around the world or in the Philippines, solar panels cannot be slipped into our pockets or bags but the following gadgets can be:

Solar Panel

Bamboo Speaker Amplifier

Any music lover will definitely go for a bamboo speaker amplifier. This gadget does not need an outlet or batteries or even any high tech gear at all! These portable speakers are bamboo cut to the usual portable speaker size with a slot on top to rest your phone. Turn your phone’s speaker on, set it in the slot, and the bamboo’s natural acoustics will amplify the sound for you with no electricity needed! Read More

Benefits Of A Mall Kiosk

Instead of owning a large building or a store in a mall, one of the things that you can consider is a mall kiosk. This is an area where you can sell a small number of the products available from the business. You can easily take orders for other items that are offered, bringing them to the kiosk on a certain date so that customers can get them. Mall kiosks also make it easy to move to a new location of the building if the business isn’t going well or move to another mall as long as you aren’t under contract with the current location.

Pop Stop Kiosk

One of the benefits of setting up a kiosk in a busy mall is the foot traffic. There are several people who simply walk around the mall, looking for bargains or looking to see what is new. If you’re display is of a professional quality while standing out from others that customers see, then you can sometimes get a sale from someone who wasn’t planning on stopping. Read More

Top Activities to do in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe should be your next holiday destination. There are so many things to do and see in the country. If you are on a tight budget but want to see this amazing place, go to TravelhouseUK website and book cheap flights to Zimbabwe. The country has everything you need to relax and have fun on your vacations. We have listed five activities which you should do when you are in Zimbabwe:

Harare city - Zimbabwe

Roaming in the Ruined Cities

The Great Zimbabwe and Khami Ruins are two major archaeological sites in Zimbabwe. The giant structures made by these indigenous people are architectural marvel as the building blocks are fitted together without any kind of mortar. Both of them are listed as World Heritage Site. These cities were flourishing hubs for local trading. Explore how African indigenous people used to live and what was their culture. Read More