Has Digital Marketing Eradicated the Need for Billboards?

For something that’s been around for as long as the mid-1860’s, billboard advertising has become a truly stable staple in the marketing community since its inception. In the modern day nothing much has changed and these billboards have inevitably been digitized; out of home advertising now consists mostly of led billboard advertising due to its many advantages over the “traditional” method of putting up large, static printed material.

Digital Marketing

This is evident even in the Philippines where a mixture of both digital and traditional (vinyl) type billboards are scattered along almost every major road with a modest amount of traffic. But as time passes by, the shift to digital becomes more pronounced. This is evident not just in the outdoor advertising sector, but in human habit as well. According to Internet Live Stats, as much as 3 billion people are simultaneously on the internet in any given second today, with up to 40% of the world population ready to saunter on and off at the swipe of a smartphone. This is in stark contrast to only about 2 decades ago, in 1995, when only 1% could access it. Read More

How Online Slot Machines Have Converted Casino Gambling

There is an ongoing argument about whether online slot machines are better compared to the conventional physical casino. The reality is that online slot casinos are much better because they present gamblers with numerous playing opportunities, including huge mega jackpots winnings.


Online slot machines have emerged as a preferred way of enjoying casino games. This paradigm shift towards online can be attributed towards various factors. One of them is that broadband internet penetration rate has gone deep to even the rural areas, making the service even more affordable. Mobile gadgets such as Smartphone’s and tablet computers are getting cheaper. Finally, there is a proliferation of online payment platforms which have made cash deposit and withdrawal easier and quicker. Read More

Choosing the Right Topic for Your Blog

Writing a blog is not an easy task. There is no secret formula or recipe for success – but there are so many ways in which you can fail at it. There are many things you can screw up on the way, but there is one way in which you will be destined to failure from the first moment: choosing the wrong topic for your blog.

Writing a blog

These tips will help you make the right choice when it comes to topics to blog about. Read More