5 Questions To Ask Your Criminal Lawyer

When you get in trouble, you want to choose the best possible lawyer to represent you and make sure that your rights are preserved. The best way to find a good lawyer is to check out several criminal attorneys in Michigan, and then find the one that best suits your needs. The interview process with attorneys is extremely important, and there are certain questions you must ask in order to find the right professional to represent you in court.

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What Is Your Experience With My Type Of Case?

Some criminal attorneys practice in broad areas of the law, while others tend to be more specialized. A criminal attorney who works primarily in hit and run accidents may not have the necessary experience to help you with your DWI case. Always ask about the experience the attorney has that is pertinent to your case. Read More

New Types Of Problems Create More Long Term Disability Claims

We’ve all seen old pictures and movies about the turn of the 20th century, where working conditions in meat packing plants and other places often left people injured for life without any compensation. Most countries in the century since then have created regulations that create a lot of incentive for companies to have a safe work environment so that workers are able to keep the number of work-place accidents to a minimum.


Yet as technology advances, new challenges arise that create new types of threats for people who work in sometimes dangerous conditions. Here are some of the newer types of problems that can lead workers to apply for long term disability benefits: Read More

The Benefits of Electronic Access: Why an Electronic Access System is Necessary for Your Business

We all need security – even companies where there is no need to guard anything of specific great value. Simply put, restricting access to certain areas whilst preventing others from entering is simply a common sense method of improving security and efficiency in your business. The traditional mechanical lock and key may still do the job, but the electronic key is beyond doubt the wave of the future. Here is a closer look at electronic access and its great number of benefits:

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1.    Security guaranteed

Unless you have a sophisticated electronic wizard on your hands, your doors are safe and access will be granted only to those who have the proper authorisation. Electronic key cards are very difficult to duplicate, and in case one gets lost, it’s easy to remove it from the database as well. Read More