Food Skills Every College Student Needs

The dreaded “Freshmen 15” is largely a myth. Very few college students gain more than a few pounds during their first year of college. Luckily for college students, they’re young and active enough that their bodies can adapt to the major changes in diet and habit that come with the transition to college.

a woman prepares dinner at home in multivarka

However, in college we set some habits that will carry over throughout our lives, and our bodies won’t be able to counter the effects of bad eating habits forever. College is usually a time when people develop or lose control with eating disorders like binge eating or bulimia, a dangerous addiction that can lead to other troubling behavior. Read More

Paper Journalists – Light up Your Proposition with Converse Qualities

The first occasion when I taught Qualities in a composition class, I advised my understudies to go home and record the greatest number of solid encounters as they could consider in their lives. Alongside every, they were to work out a solid inversion that was firmly identified with each unequivocally constructive or emphatically pessimistic experience and in view of further encounters from their lives or from the lives of individuals they buy and by knew.

Paper Journalist

Be that as it may, before the following class time frame, two miserable understudies came to see me. They were experiencing difficulty discovering values in their lives that they could switch. Read More

Millennial tips: Eco friendly gadgets for savvy people

Who says gadgets can’t be eco-friendly? For the environment conscious consumer, there many gadgets and goodies are sustainable. Around the world or in the Philippines, solar panels cannot be slipped into our pockets or bags but the following gadgets can be:

Solar Panel

Bamboo Speaker Amplifier

Any music lover will definitely go for a bamboo speaker amplifier. This gadget does not need an outlet or batteries or even any high tech gear at all! These portable speakers are bamboo cut to the usual portable speaker size with a slot on top to rest your phone. Turn your phone’s speaker on, set it in the slot, and the bamboo’s natural acoustics will amplify the sound for you with no electricity needed! Read More